“The patient can infect 17 other people.”

Omicron 5 and the alternative subordinate Corona virus disease More contagious: it is able to bypass immune defenses caused by disease as well as by vaccines. Translator: Those who have already contracted the Covid virus can become infected again and those who received three doses of the vaccine remain vulnerable to infection caused by this latest mutation of the virus.

Not only. The Omicron 5 variant of the SarsCoV2 virus may have the ability to escape even from Fourth dose Vaccine.” And the words of a virologist Giorgio Palothe head of the Italian Drug Agency (Aifa), created a certain alarm.

Omicron 5, Bassetti vs Pregliasco: “I don’t know how he can expect the peak at the end of July”

Omicron 5, Symptoms: fatigue, cough, fever (but it’s not the flu). Costa: “Stop isolating asymptomatic positives”

Mild symptoms, many infection. And in the fall there may be an increase in hospitalization In the hospital, vaccination will still be necessary. This sums it up new variable Omicron 5 Infection Specialist Matteo Bassetti He talks about medical colleagues who could have caused panic in the media, as reported by QN.

“We have to live with this virus, but we’ve known it for some time – says Bassetti -. I was hoping to find more maturity from politics and from my colleagues. Other countries have seen this excessive circulation of omicron 5 without concern: many infections, but mild symptoms compared to With the original virus 3 or 4 days after FeverAnd the Sore throat And the exhaustionEverything passes and is resolved. We need a calm head, but again everyone who has to have a deficiency ».


In the fall, “Maybe we will see a real increase in hospitalizations, we will need to re-vaccinate and use masks. At this point – Bassetti fears – after this “good luck, good luck” people won’t believe anymore and the vaccination campaign will fail.

Brigliasco: ‘Severe infection’

Omicron 5 is more contagious than measles and chickenpox. The virologist claims that Fabrizio Brigliasco: High susceptibility to transmissibility, an element of risk in the near future. “We were already on high alert for the high number of Covid infections in the fall – but the presence of this new Omicron BA.5 variant surprised us,” says Brigliasco, professor of hygiene at Milan State University and medical director of Irccs Galeazzi. “This virus has a severe infection, even higher. From measles Based on chicken poxwith R0 ranging from 15 to 17: just think the Wuhan variable, the original, had an R0 of 2.5, while delta of 7. These values ​​represent the average number of secondary cases compared to the index case, so these are values ​​that make it more fearful: a person can A person with BA.5 can infect 15 or 17 others.”

dominant alternative

The Omicron 5 variant is set, for Pregliasco, to also become dominant in Italy: “The start of this variant, a little more benevolent, but not too much (it is wrong to take it as simple). Effect!) is an “adaptive” virus that replicates in the upper airways, then develops into the coldAnd the Headache As well as some cases dysentery, but with less satisfactory results. This is because most of the population has been vaccinated, sick, or vaccinated, sick and cured. So the background of immune responses that, often and willingly, did not prevent infection, but ensured a more normal course.”

Long Covid

«The good news – says Pregliasco – is that according to a recent study in Micron 5, Long Covid It is present, but in smaller proportions than the other variables.”

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