Ukraine, latest news. USA: New sanctions imposed on Russia in the G7

EU Council, no deal on price cap: Rome presses the top

The Draghi government also beat the Senate vote of confidence on the Pnrr-Salma decree with 179 yes, after the chamber green-lighted the majority decision on Ukraine and the prime minister’s contacts before the European Council that opens Thursday, June 23 in Brussels. The split in the M5s does not change the support for the government that Giuseppe Conte guarantees “within the limits of our battles”. At the EU summit, Rome is expected to press the cap on the price of gas, around which the union is divided. The issue of energy is a central issue, in addition to the expansion of the Union.

Draghi: “It is up to all of us to help Ukraine be reborn”

In short: hyperinflation, the Kremlin’s gas weapon and the great mystery of the price ceiling. Far from the green light for the victory of Ukraine and Moldova’s candidacies, the last EU summit game before the summer, which is scheduled to end on Friday, June 24, is about energy. A match that will once again see Italy as the champion. Regarding the gas price ceiling, the consensus of the 27 countries is still absent, and the Commission’s proposal, which is looming, has not yet been reached. For Prime Minister Mario Draghi, the measure remains a European priority and also has its own political significance, namely the imposition of anti-Russian sanctions that are gradually turning off the taps on Europe.

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