Ukraine, workers kidnapped at the Zaporizhzhia factory. White House: “Biden will ask the G7 to take new measures against Russia” – live broadcast

The Israeli embassy in Kyiv reopened

The Israeli embassy reopened its headquarters in Kyiv for the first time since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “The diplomatic presence in Kyiv – as reported by the media, Ambassador Michael Brodsky – is important to us and another sign of Israel’s support for Ukraine.”

European Central Bank: “Unjustified aggression against Ukraine continues to weigh on the economy”

Russia’s unjustified aggression against Ukraine continues to weigh on the economy in Europe and beyond. It leads to trade disruptions and material shortages, as well as contributing to higher energy and commodity prices. These factors will continue to affect confidence and hinder growth, especially in the short term. However, conditions are ripe for the economic expansion to proceed, thanks to the reopening of the current economy, a strong labor market, budget support and savings accumulated during the pandemic. Once the current adverse conditions subside, economic activity is expected to pick up again. The European Central Bank confirms this in today’s economic bulletin.

Medvedev’s attack: “Western politicians have fallen to rock bottom”

“I have been in contact with foreign leaders for a long time and see how low the level of Western politicians has been. It has happened before my eyes over the past twenty years. It is clear that in Europe there is no longer any trace of political figures on the level of Helmut Kohl, Jacques Chirac or Margaret Thatcher “,” No offense to anyone, but it is clear to everyone that Mario Draghi is not Silvio Berlusconi and Olaf Schulz is not Angela Merkel. They are new people and, in my opinion, far from the best era of public administration. In the European Union, for example, there Moderate technocrats and angry fanatics.” This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, in a post on Telegram. In general, Germany, France and Italy look good compared to the general context. “It has undermined their respect,” Medvedev added. He said: “The problem of the decadence of European politics is mainly due to the fact that it has become a faint voice in support of American soloists, and this creates problems not only for the Western world, but also for us, Russia.”

The Russians bombed Kharkiv: 7 wounded

The Russians bombed the Chuhoev neighborhood of the Kharkiv region, and 7 civilians, including 2 children, were wounded. This was stated by the head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, Oleg Senegubov, UNIAN reported.

Vucic: “We support the territorial integrity of Ukraine and Serbia”

Serbia has “already voted against aggression against Ukraine in the UN General Assembly” and supports the “territorial integrity of Ukraine”, in addition to Serbia. This is how Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic entered the summit of the European Union and the Western Balkans. The summit will also discuss Belgrade’s incompatibility with EU sanctions against Moscow. On the possibility raised by the leaders of Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia in recent days to abandon today’s summit, Vucic explained that the reason they considered this option was the attempt of “some EU member states” to “prevent the start of accession negotiations for Albania and Macedonia.” “But now we are discussing our European future and we believe that there will be good results for the Western Balkans,” he added.

Britons on death row will appeal

British citizens Sean Benner and Aiden Aslin and Moroccan Ibrahim Saadoun, sentenced to death for fighting alongside Ukrainian forces as mercenaries, intend to appeal. Benner’s lawyer, Yulia Tserkovnikova, told TASS news agency.

“My colleagues and I are working on the text of the appeal in favor of our clients. If the appeal is rejected and the ruling becomes effective, a request for pardon will be submitted because it is an inalienable right of our clients based on the laws of the Donetsk People’s Republic. The lawyer noted that it should not be hacked and they strongly insist on its use.

Ukrainian Deputy Minister: “Russia forced us to undermine the sea”

It was Russia, with its attack on Ukraine, that forced us to clear mines at sea to avoid an attack on our shores. Now mix up the truth.” This was stated by Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Ukraine, Markyan Dmitra Sevich, speaking on Radio Rai 1 in Gr1 of 8, interviewed by Valeria Fraschetti in response to Russian accusations in recent days about the blockade of the ports. When asked if Kyiv is afraid to pave the removal of Mine the way to conquer Odessa and what guarantees can convince it to disengage the situation, he answered at next week’s summit in Ankara: “No comment.” Speaking about exports by train, he commented: “Through Poland we can export 25% of what we export in one month. . In May 1.8 million tons. This month we will reach 2 million. To get a significant increase in exports via trains, more freight points should be set up at the borders and Europe can help us by offering more wagons.”

Albanian Prime Minister: Bulgaria is holding two NATO countries hostage

“It is a shame that Bulgaria, a NATO country, is taking two other NATO countries hostage, North Macedonia and Albania, in the midst of a war in our own backyard and that 26 other countries are still holding out helplessly.” Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said this upon his arrival in Brussels for the Western Balkan Summit. He stressed, “Let us not change course, build Europe in our homeland, because there is no other option for the path of integration.”

“It is a new day in Europe but not in Bulgaria! What a shame for Europe this Bulgarian affair!”, identified Rama. In fact, the start of accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia was blocked by Sofia’s veto due to an identity dispute with Skopje.

EU, Albania PM: “We are the candidates for years, Kyiv should not be under any illusions”

North Macedonia has been a “candidate” to join the European Union “for 17 years, if I do not lose the number (actually 18, since March 2004, ed.), Albania for eight years. So, I welcome Ukraine: it is good to give it the status of a candidate country, but I I hope the Ukrainian people do not have too many illusions.” This was confirmed by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, on the sidelines of the EU and Western Balkans Summit in Brussels.

Michel: “I am confident, we will give Ukraine candidate status”

This is a defining moment for the European Union. I am confident that today we will award candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova and express a clear and strong European perspective for Georgia.” This was stated by European Council President Charles Michel upon his arrival at the EU Heads of State Summit.

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