A 3-year-old girl was killed and thrown in the garbage: a grandmother accused of murder

Her grandmother beat and killed her and put her in a trash can. Horror in the United States as a three-year-old girl is found dead in a dumpster. The tragedy was discovered in Oklahoma City By the police who intervened after a phone call. In a box outside the house, where her grandmother was supposed to be cared for and protected, was the lifeless body of the little girl with visible signs of violence. Becky Ann Freeland, 60, Riley’s young grandmother, has been arrested and will face charges of first-degree murder and child neglect. Now the 60-year-old is in Cleveland County Jail.

Authorities have not reported whether the victim’s grandmother admitted to playing a role in Riley’s death. According to the authorities, the child was beaten with a stick and blood stains were found in the closet and the bathroom in the house.

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Freeland told police that she woke up Saturday morning but did not find Riley in her bed. Grandma will then go to the yard where she saw Riley dead in a trash can. Freeland, according to Fox 23 reports, did not call emergency services, nor did he tell anyone about Riley’s death. The purpose of staying silent about crime for days? Spend a quiet father’s day (celebrated in the United States on June 19) for a son who was supposed to be released from prison on Saturday. However, Riley’s grandfather discovered the horror and raised the alarm on Tuesday afternoon. Police also spoke to Riley’s siblings, who said they saw her in bed on Saturday morning with cut eyes and bruises on her forehead. They also said she wouldn’t wake up.

Tragedy destroyed the neighborhood in which the alleged killer lived. Neighbor Marsha told Kfor-TV she wanted to do more. “I could have helped,” Branum said at the station. “I’m in shock. I don’t understand this because she sounded like a hard-working grandmother. I could hear her playing with the kids in the backyard. I wish I had paid more attention,” the neighbor added. The authorities are still investigating the case and are asking anyone with information. to advance.

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