Chris Benoit: 15 years ago the wrestling tragedy. mental health inquiry

Fifteen years ago, a wrestling star hanged himself after strangling his wife and son: From examining his skulls and those of other athletes who died in strange circumstances, huge leaps forward in the mental health of those who exercise.

At first glance, Green Meadow Lane conveys a sense of peace. The villa stands in the middle of the grass as the street name suggests. There are plenty of trees and a veranda, which allows you to enjoy some cooling when the summer in Fayetteville begins to rise. In this place fifteen years ago, Chris Benoit, the best wrestler in WWE, after he killed his wife Nancy and his son Daniel by strangling him, commits suicide by hanging himself. These are the years when former great footballers begin to devour themselves with depression and suicide. The different conception of football meant that the mental health problem associated with a sports career only emerged in a more recent period, while the first warnings came from boxing. The common thread is chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a disease that was discovered thanks to research by Bennett Omalo, the coroner who participated in the autopsy of Mike Webster, the NFL and Pittsburgh Steelers legend, who died of cardiac arrest. ..

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