Covid: 55,829 cases, 51 victims. Reda warns: “Masks in case of crowds” – Health

The ‘re-emergence’ of the SarsCoV2 virus is becoming more and more apparent, and this week it records a sharp growth in Italy: in fact, both the cases of infection, which reach a value of 504 per 100 thousand inhabitants, and the transmissibility index Rt, which has reached 1.07, thus exceeding the unit threshold That hasn’t happened since last April.

55,829 new infections with the Covid virus were recorded during the past 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Yesterday there were 56,166. The victims are 51, down from 75 yesterday. A total of 23,089 swabs were performed, including antigens and molecular, with a positive rate of 23.4%, up from 22.6% yesterday.

On the other hand, 225 patients are admitted to intensive care, and nine more are in the balance between entrances and exits. The number of daily hospital admissions is 29. The number of hospitalized people in regular wards is 5,205, or 141 more than yesterday.

The increase in infections is driven by the ever-increasing prevalence of the subvariable Omicron BA.5more contagious. According to the latest ISS data, it actually went from 23.1% last week to 34.4% according to updated data as of June 23. An ascending epidemiological trend is not followed by any region that classifies this week as “low” risk.

Based on this data, experts urge caution. “Given the rapid spread of the virus – warns the Director of Prevention at the Ministry of Health, Gianni Reda Remember that the risk of transmission can be reduced The use of masks, especially in the presence of large groups of peopleAnd at the same time protecting the most vulnerable and the elderly with the extra booster dose.”

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