For Biden, Supreme Court decision on abortion is a ‘tragic mistake’

On Friday, US President Joe Biden sharply criticized the hotly contested decision by which the Supreme Court had ruled the right to abortion at the federal level, overturning the provision that since 1973 has guaranteed access to abortion throughout the national territory, known as “Roe v. Wade.” “. In a short speech at the White House, Biden called the court’s decision a “tragic mistake” and said his government would do all it could to ensure access to abortion was protected.

Biden began his speech by saying that this is “a sad day for the court and a sad day for the country”: With today’s decision, every US state will be able to decide to adopt the legislation it prefers on abortion, without any federal restrictions, including banning it altogether. According to Biden, with this ruling, the Court “not only designated a ‘constitutional’ and ‘essential’ right from millions of American women, but rather stripped them from them of a ‘constitutional’ and ‘fundamental’ right, which not only protects their health, but also their freedom and privacy.”

Biden also said that overturning the Roe v. Wade Act “is an extremist ideology investigation and a tragic mistake for the Supreme Court.” Indeed, for some time Republicans have been campaigning nationwide to severely limit the right to abortion, introduce increasingly stringent laws and rely on court support. Supreme Court, which, thanks to the appointment of three conservative justices by former US President Donald Trump, has turned the court very correctly. Of the 9 judges on the court, all 6 of the Republican appointees voted to repeal the “Roe v. Wade.” Instead, the three Democratic-appointed justices voted against.

According to Biden, the “only way to defend women’s rights” in terms of access to abortion is for the US Congress to reinstate the protections provided in “Roe v. Wade” by incorporating them into federal law. She also said in her speech that the government will protect the right of women who cannot terminate a pregnancy in their own country, preferring their displacement to another country; He added that he would ask the Ministry of Health to provide “to the extent possible” medicines needed for medical abortion.

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