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From Alessandro Folloni

The 19-year-old, born in Seattle, is of Ligurian descent and dreams of the Azores national team.
Adil Andrea Bargnani, who was also the first overall pick in 2006

The surname is of Ligurian origin: Banchero. First Name (Paolo) is printed on two passports: the Italian and the American. Born in Seattle in 2002, Paulo Banchero became the absolute number one in the NBA draft on the night between Thursday and Friday. And to determine it was Orlando Magic. The 19-year-old talent (proFrom the Duke Blue Devils College basketball team) in the top three, in the direction of the Houston Rockets, but in recent days rumors have increased about a possible move to first place. So it was. When Commissioner Adam Silver (the strongest man in the NBA) named him, Panichiro – who was dressed in purple at the bottom of the shoe with some kind of sequin – put his hands to his excited face and went up on stage to receive the commissioner’s greetings.

What is the draft

The draft is, after all, a democratic system, designed to contribute to a rebalancing of values: the principle that the best youngster outside of college goes to the team that performed worse the previous season. Since 1984, the absolute first choice has been awarded by a lottery that extracts the order of the first three calls: This year it’s Orlando Magic’s turn. Who chose Banchero meticulously. The 2022 draft will have 58 calls instead of 60: Miami and Milwaukee lost their second-round designation due to some wrongdoing in the market.

Paolo, pure millennials

Paulo from Seattle, pure millennials – born 2002 -,

Tall, bodied and strong: 210 cm tall, crushes, pierces, scores from a distance, servesuses the body fluently and energetic remembering the best of basketball, even the movements – made in proper proportions – of LeBron James, Kobe Bryant or, when near the basket, Giannis Antikonmo.

blue dream

We Italians are interested in Banchero also doing well in the NBA, because it is the good news in our basketball. American citizen, but since February 2020 he also has our passport – although he speaks very little of our language and has never been to Italy – thanks Ligurian roots for paternal great-grandparents (Here’s the Joker we caught): Then he gave us a great gift by declaring that he would wear the blue for the national team, not the American tank jersey. It may not happen this year in the European Championship, but it probably will – if the Azzurri qualify – in the 2023 World Cup. For the second time in the history of the draft, the Italian becomes the first choice. It also happened in 2006 At that time, the actress was Andrea Bargnanithen destined for major success in the NBA (read what a magician does today).

son of athletes

Benshiro, son of athletes: American mother Rhonda Smith She played in the Women’s First League (WNBA) while her father, Mario, was an American football player at the college level. First-choice grandparents immigrated to the United States in the early 1900s to work as farmers and miners in coal mines.

The Other Italian Chosen: Procida from Fortitudo to Portland

On NBA draft night, there’s not only Panchero named Italy. Another Italian was chosen To play in the most important basketball league in the world: Gabriel Procida, 20, from Como, grew up in Cannes, Pavilion Fortedo Bologna This year he played 26 matches averaging 7 points and 3 rebounds per match. The Blue Youth, at number 36, was selected by the Portland Blazers.

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