Health risks for men over 1.75 cm? Dangers and what the science says

According to a study, there are problems for men who are over 1.75 cm tall. There will be 3 health risks. Here any of them.

L ‘to rise It has always been a factor that attracts attention. This aspect affects not only the public sphere but also the scientific sphere. In fact, there have been many studies throughout history that have put altitude at the center. Someone discovered, for example, that being taller than average carries fewer risks heart disease. In this case, it would be different.

A study conducted by researchers from VA Million Veteran ProgramThanks to an initiative of the US government, he brought to light a very sensitive aspect. This would affect men who are over 1.75 cm tall. In fact, they will have a higher chance of developing health problems.

Therefore, altitude is back to be the center of attention. Especially since this seems to lead to some situations that are not entirely fun. Let’s move now to see the details of the study conducted by American researchers.

Risk for men over 1.75 cm: study details

From what the study conducted revealed, it appears that those taller than 1.75 cm may be more likely to develop disorders such as Peripheral neuropathy. This indicates damage to the nerves of the feet and hands. For the researchers, this may be due to the pressure that a greater amount of body mass puts on the bones. Although the file GazetaFurther studies are needed to confirm this scenario.

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There is another danger of rising above average that would cause concern Rotation. So varicose veins or blood clots. in the end too infections Skin and bone types such as cellulite, leg ulcers and nail fungus are most at risk for tall people.

This study was created to understand the factors that affect health. Scientists took genetic and medical data from above 280 thousand adults Most of them are male 91% and white 73%. Hence, the research team found that height above average would lead to health risks. But not only the risks, but the benefits as well.

Not just the risks but the benefits too: Here’s what the study says

From the study conducted by the VA Million Veteran Program, there will also be benefits. The first is that there will be a secondary link to heart problems. Study data indicated greater protection in this regard. Moreover, being tall will also reduce the risks of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Known factors that can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

As we can see, the study is not generalizable because it mostly focuses on a specific study An individual. As mentioned, before there can be certainty of this association, we need to wait for other studies on this issue.

The information in this article is for informational purposes. This is scientific data that has appeared in trade journals. In no case should they replace the advice of a doctor or specialist. Furthermore, it should not be considered a substitute for diagnosis and treatment plans.

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