India, a man attacked by the crowd to kiss his wife in a river: the video goes viral

viral video

Everything was captured in a video that quickly went viral on all social platforms. “This vulgarity (kissing the wife) will not be tolerated


You hear the crowd screaming ‘Don’t you have a family?’ Get it out of here! “You should be ashamed,” shouted a young man as the others continued to beat the man.

His wife tried in every way to prevent

angry group

for hitting her husband, but the crowd around the beach overwhelmed him shortly after her partner got out of the water.

Police records

– Chief Inspector of Ayodhya Police Shailesh Pandey said he hasn’t received anything yet


Regarding the episode. However, the police are trying to identify the couple so that they can take appropriate action


against the attackers.

Public displays of affection in India

– The


(Public display of affection) may be illegal in India. The

Indian criminal law

It states that “obscene acts in a public place” that “disturb others” cannot be carried out. Quoting this symbol, many couples were caught kissing in public. However, the law does not give a precise definition of obscene acts, after the arrest

Supreme court

Verdict: “It is inconceivable how the expression of love can be linked to the crime of“ obscenity ”. In this case, the police were punished and forced to write a letter of apology to the couple.

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