Mauro Corona: age, wife, private life and where he lives

Mauro Crown To the registry office Maurizio Crono, is a well experienced artist, sculptor and highly skilled writer. In spite of past culminate some sufferinghe managed to undo his art, becoming famous above all for his literary works.

His childhood was markedmother abandonmentOh what a goal Domestic ViolenceThey left the children with their grandparents and their aunt and fled. However, Mauro defines his childhood as “happy” surrounded by the love of his grandparents and a calm atmosphere.

In the year 63 Vagont wave In the town of Erta, where he grew up, he was especially distinguished. In fact, he talked about the sad tragedy in one of his novels “Sour Sweet”. So let’s get acquainted with the private life of this multifaceted artist more closely.

Omar Mauro Corona

Corona was born August 9, 1950He is of the sign of Leo and identifies himself as a free spirit. It has a height of 1.75 meters and weighs about 65 kilograms. for him a look can be defined Unconventional He has long shaggy hair and a trimmed beard.

Mauro Corona’s wife

Mauro He is married to Francesca For a long time their relationship remained strong and solid.

Mauro Corona in a social snapshot

Mauro Corona children

Since marrying Francesca, Mauro has been fine 4 kids: Mariana, Matteo, Melissa and Martina.

Mauro Corona wedding

Mauro never kept a secret on his own Constant betrayal of his wife. Even children will be aware of this, but the question will be accepted and overcome. Mauro says so frankly He has no fixed lovers, but only informal relationships when they occur. This does not seem to jeopardize the affection he feels for his wife Francesca and her trust in Mauro.

As mentioned by Mauro He never tried to beat a woman With roses or romantic phrases. Just wait for any interested women to come forward. He is just taking a chance.

Mauro Corona where he lives

Mauro He still lives in the village of Erta Belluno Where he grew up. He loves to climb mountains, so he often enjoys long walks in the mountains and forests. During these trips, he also learns about the pieces of wood that will turn into his famous sculptures.

Mauro Corona: social contacts

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