Migrants trying to enter Melilla from Morocco: five dead in the crowd. More than two thousand people at the border

five people I the death Where they tried to enter Spanish territory as a group starting from Moroccothrough the bulkhead on the boundary of the pocket Melilla. According to the Spanish press, they lost their lives to the mob. At least a hundred other immigrants were with them, and many of them were injured. bring it back El PaísCiting the Moroccan local authorities.

The number of migrants who have approached in the past few hours the border between the two countries around the Melilla enclave is about 2000. between these, 400 they have Try to break through the barrier Put on the border, e 130 succeeded: The latter is now in the first reception center. Although law enforcement agencies in the two countries have been activated, pressure along the border barrier has been partially successful, the news agency reported. evey. According to the Spanish government delegation in Melilla, at least some of the attendees were “quite violent and organised”. as he rememberseveyToday, the first major attempt to enter Spain en masse was registered in Melilla since last March. Madrid and Rabat announced a “new phase” of bilateral relations, at the end of a long diplomatic crisis. After the first moments of tension, it seems that the situation is back under the control of Moroccan and Spanish law enforcement agencies, according to Spanish radio Tve.

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