Omicron 5, Issue: in Italy it rises to 34.4%

Omicron 5 progresses. According to the latest updates on the status of Covid infection, the Omicron BA.5 sub-variant of Sars-CoV-2 is accelerating its operation in Italy. “Considering all high-quality genomic sequences deposited on the ‘ICoGen’ platform in weeks 22, 23 and 24 of 2022,” the Higher Institute of Health reported as part of the weekly monitoring of the Covid-19 trend, the share of Omicron 5 is equal to 34.4% at week 24 (Current, data updated last night), versus 23.1% at week 23 and 16.2% at week 22.

Omicron 4 is delayed, while growing in turn: the share of BA.4 is 18.2% at week 24, versus 11.4% at week 23 and 8.9% at week 22.

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