Omicron 5, with re-infection increases “risk of death, hospitalization and Long Covid”. I study

Exposure to infection more than once increases the risks to your health. So they are concerned about re-infection From Omicron 5. These are the results of the latest research conducted on the basis of data collected from around the world. And while the number of infected people in Italy is increasing more than once, they are concerned about the consequences for their bodies. Early research, based on data collected from the US Department of Veterans Affairs database, has shown reinfection with a higher risk, said Nancy Baxter of the University of Melbourne’s School of Population and Global Health.

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Omicron 5 re-infection, greater health risks: Here’s why

Research, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, shows that while there are some immune benefits with the first infection, the chance of adverse health effects increases with each subsequent infection. In addition, the immune benefits of infection with the virus diminish over time, making the possibility of re-infection more and more.

Symptoms and risks

The risks that can be faced are breathing problems, wheezing, heart problems, chronic viruses, and an increased risk of death than one would expect. As Professor Baxter pointed out. “Which means the more times you get it, the more likely you are to have very bad consequences of contracting COVID-19 at some point.”

protection disappears

For the first month after taking Omicron you have some protection against new infections, but then it wears off quickly. Professor Baxter pointed this out. The study included more than 5.5 million people, only 10% (566,020) women. Dr Dipti Gordarasani of Queen Mary University of London agreed that although the research has some caveats, his findings have important implications for how we think about re-infection with Omicron.

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