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The name contains the philosophy and also the surprising results obtained in the past two years, despite the period of the epidemic, of those who, like themselves, organize group trips for Italians abroad by profession.

they are boys Sivola.ita startup born from the vision of five of the most followed travel bloggers on the Italian scene and a young art director who is able to understand their potential.

High level training

The startup was launched on the market in October 2019 to be operational from January 2020, a few days before the world closed its borders. A unified team is able to turn the market despite the epidemic that arrived a few days after the start of the project.

“In February 2020, we had to review the international group travel hub in a few weeks,” explains the Managing Director and Technical Director, Giovanni Belloso, “Revolution in our market and solid idea. However, we are happy with the result, we have shown resilience in a certain period, after all, in 2021, we were also the first to plan and implement trips for vaccination and recovery from Covid.”

The numbers are there to prove the value of these experiences, real-life adventures, so much so that the group of travelers is followed by an experienced coordinator, trained at the highest level, and a community leader.

Our coordinators are highly trained professional travelers who actively participate in the journey in all respects. There are people who have written to us after traveling with us that we have changed their lives.” As we mentioned, it is the figures arrived at the worst moment for the sector that highlight this reality.

“We are a white fly in the context of start-ups in the reference market,” he adds. Claudio BelisiniTriptherapy and CFO of the company, “Because we are not in debt and despite the closure of flights, in 2021, with a minimum opening in Europe, we reached important and constantly growing numbers: in just seven months we reached 4 million in turnover, of which 358 thousand euros From Ebitda with a net profit of 251 thousand euros.

“In short, as the first year and a half of the world is closed, this is not a bad thing. We have about 3 thousand customers and I would like to emphasize a product proposal for people aged 20-35 or generally under 45. It is here that I found the cornerstone, Where she was able to build a relationship of absolute trust with her traveler.Share, experience and unique adventures or as they say.

“You know who you are leaving with because our coordinator is always by your side for the duration of the trip. We have no hidden costs,” he identifies BellosoThe price is all included except for meals, for which we leave the choice, but otherwise our claim is ‘you can forget your wallet at home’ and it’s true.

Diversification of Sevola’s business

The future promises almost accelerated growth and new business. “At the end of 2021, the value of the brand was evaluated and the result was 1 million 47 thousand euros,” Belizeni continues, “while in 2022 we expected a turnover of 12 million with Ebitda at 1 million. And at least 5 thousand customers.

For 2023, the forecast gives us 10 thousand passengers with a sales volume of 20 million, and in that year we want to open up to global customers to be ready for 2024, where we aim to have 30 million euros in sales volume.”

there business diversification The key for the next few years will be with investments in telecommunications and a real media company, in real estate and in B2B. Ambitious prospects for the children of, a team that sees the six partners continue to narrate their travel experiences online, followed by hundreds of thousands of followers, but at the same time playing key roles within the company, whose vertical business has made its own: Director Stefano Cantarini, Niccolo Ballini (Human Safari ) and Daniel Mazza (Mondo Aeroporto) for Marketing, Carlo J. Laurora (Italian? Yes!) in Human Resources.

From the digital world to the real world with over 50 people now working for Sivola. “It’s like saying that we are not just followers and stories, in the period of the pandemic, we created jobs, and now we are pioneers in the travel market in Iceland, Hawaii, Peru and the United States. We want to revolutionize the world of group travel by putting human expertise at the center”, concludes the director, Cantarini. All that remains is to leave.

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