The great river has been reduced to a small drop

The mighty river has been reduced to a drop - video

Po bed in the Seine looks like a beach

(Photo by Tomassini)

Journey to Lower Lodi, farmers are increasingly worried

Here’s what’s left of Po. From Bocca dell’Adda, through Corno Giovine Pier, down to Gargatano di Somaglia and Corte Sant’Andrea, the impression is that the Great River is no longer so great. Then speaking with those who have grown up there in Bo, we better understand how what is happening is truly an extraordinary event. Entering the countryside of Corte Sant’Andrea, in particular, we come to a point that leaves you speechless: here you “walk into Poe”. And what the water was able to hide now comes out: tires, cans, bits of nets. Really something wrong. It is pointless – and extremely dangerous – to deny it.

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