Florence, Controversy in Medicine. Students: “It is unfair to deprive us of basic training”

FLORENCE, 25 June 2022 – I am ready for war i 360 medical students in the third year. “After, after Two years of not completing Semeiotics training Medical and surgical, due to the epidemic, last September the professors promised us that from the spring of this year everything would be back to how it was – they accuse -. But this did not happen.” The boys deplored the fact that “a few weeks after the start of their long-awaited training,” they were told that “students were only going to spend six hours, instead of the twenty-six stipulated by the regulations.” sharp drop in the hour Students do not allow us to have a complete knowledge of semiotics, which is at the basis of the training of a good doctor – the attitude of children -. Our representatives spoke to teachers. The meeting lasted for two hours but did not lead to anything concrete. The professors told us about a lot of problems to solve and nothing changed.”

“The teachers have taken into account the needs expressed by the third year students of the one-cycle certificate course in Medicine and Surgery, regarding the need to undertake an internship in Medicine and Semiotics,” from Domenico BriscoHead of the Certificate Course in Medicine and Surgery.

“The legitimate expectations of students, however, must be framed in The context of a health emergency Determined by the pandemic, the course of which unfortunately was not easy to predict and would have included national safety guidelines for people often exposed to sudden acceleration and to involve structures that support large-scale training activities. These indicators had inevitable consequences for the achievement of educational activities as well as for internships, being suspended or slow for a long time, continues Briscoe. He adds: “The return to face-to-face activities has taken place gradually, especially in hospitals, which are in any case subject to specific safety rules and requirements, which are not always easily sustainable. The restoration of training activities at Semeiotics is also related, with the aim of balancing training needs, and the resumption of all training activities in the field of biomedicine, which will occupy exceptionally the entire summer. Anyway, for Semeiotics training, activities came back into existence Dedicated remote initiatives have been added by teachers, also with the help of an acquired and customized learning platform, in order to ensure that students acquire the appropriate knowledge and skills for their training. Moreover, the teachers made themselves ready to continue teaching on a personal basis during the exam preparation period.”

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