Founder steals $21,000 and spends it on Genshin Impact –

show timeOne Persona 5 Amateur Magazine It is going through a turbulent period due to serious economic problems that may lead to its closure. Double sales? Not at all, it all started when he was the founder His pocket is $27,625 Canadian (just over $21,000) of the budget allocated to Fanzine, and it appears that it was spent on Genshin Impact. Showtime is an amateur magazine based on the popular JRPG Persona 5 from Atlus which has so far sold 1,517 copies worldwide via Etsy. The editorial team currently includes 28 illustrators, 5 commercial artists and 6 writers, so we are not talking about a small project. Teresa “Ree” Dube, an employee who stole magazine money, is also its founder.

“Ri, our former chief of defense, recently admitted that he spent the remaining C$27,600 of Zain’s money. personal use. Ree has been completely removed from the project,” reads a post from the official Showtime account.

“Ree has been lying to the edit team about money for months and has been submitting misleading and delayed bank screenshots to indicate that the magazine’s money was untouched. Needless to say, Ree has been removed from the project and will have no affiliation with SHOWTIME.”

We also learn that Ree has Pay a portion of the money stolen, CAD3,000 to be exact, but unfortunately the other members of the magazine could not take relevant action against it as there was no formal contract between the two parties.

As for Showtime’s current situation, another employee has taken over the management of the magazine’s finances. Currently, the editors are unable to process refunds for those still waiting for their orders on Etsy and have suggested those who want a refund to Ree’s email directly. A fundraising campaign is also underway to try to recover the lost money.

As mentioned earlier, Rey officially spent the stolen money for “personal use”. However, as reports that a member of the magazine claims it was All invested in Genshin Impact, a free-to-play title with optional in-game purchases and gacha mechanics. Rey admitted that he did spend some money on Genshin Impact in an email sent to GamesReactor, but only a portion of the money.

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