How much is the value of 5 lira with dolphin? “to take your breath”

Are you trying to find out the value of the 5 lira with the dolphin? Did you find several examples in an old drawer or among family memories? Collecting coins offers great possibilities, but coins have to be in certain circumstances to be worth something – beyond face and sentimental value. If you are especially lucky, you may end up with a rare and valuable coin without knowing it.

5 Lire with the Dolphin is definitely one of those coins that connect us most to a distant past and that no longer exists. Its face value, which was only relevant until nearly 50 years ago, pushed it into oblivion long before 2002, when the lira was officially withdrawn to make way for the euro. It has already been at least two decades since the five lira has not been used regularly. Let’s find out their current value together in this article.

5 lira with dolphin: coin

For those who are not familiar with the currency, we are talking about one of the most widespread and smallest problems in the Italian Republic. The Italma coin is actually 20.3 mm in diameter and weighs only one gram. The 5 Lire has played the role of the undervalued currency in our country for many years, with the 1 and 2 Lire coins no longer viewed as present value. It was drafted and released from 1951 to 2001, with an approximately ten-year hiatus between 1957 and 1965.

The “5 Lire dolphin” is one of the coins that has never changed its symbols and inscriptions. On the obverse, we find the face value of the coin in the center, with a dolphin inscription at the bottom, the tail to the left and the muzzle to the right. The obverse is completed with the letter R from the Rome mint, and the thousand indicates the year of the mint. On the back there is a boat helm notch in the center, flanked by the inscription of the Italian Republic on the outer edge. Below, under the rudder, the author’s name, Romagnoli, is engraved.

How much is the value of 5 lira with dolphin?

The hypothesis with which we begin to evaluate 5 lira with the dolphin, is that this coin was scattered throughout Italy and there were – and still exist – millions of copies. Suffice it to say that more than 600 million copies were minted between 1953 and 1954 alone.

Most of these coins, minted between 1970 and 1988, are worth between €1 and €2 only if they are in Fior di Conio, that is, shining and not worn as they were just issued. It is therefore necessary to look for those coins that are a real rarity or that have some mintage errors, to make sure that you have something of value in your hands.

The rarest 5 lira with a dolphin is certainly the one that was minted in 1956. Only 400,000 copies were printed, making the coin a rarity (“R” index, according to international standards). One of these coins, even if it is in good condition, has a value of 50 euros, but if it is in great conditions, the “SPL” can be worth at least 600 euros, and a wonderful uncirculated coin has a value of 3,500 euros.

Among the versions with minting errors, the following should definitely be mentioned: the 1969 mint with the number “1” in one thousandth inverted, which is worth about 100 euros in FdC; A 1989 copy with an upturned rudder which is worth about €20 at FdC but often sells for much higher prices at auction. Finally, we recall the collectible editions minted in 1999, 2000 and 2001 exclusively for Mint packaging: today they are worth between 10 and 15 euros each.

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