“I killed her out of mercy, she was very sick.”

Brian Laundry killed his girlfriend, Gabi Pettito, for her Mercy Because he suffered “too much” After an accident occurs while they are adventuring in their truck in Wyoming. Nearly a year after the famous travel blogger’s body was discovered, new details surfaced and he gave it to Laundry family lawyer Steve Bertolino. It was last August when the famous blogger completely lost track and the whole of America followed the whole story step by step. One month later, the 22-year-old’s body was found lifeless in a Wyoming forest. The autopsy confirmed that the cause of death was suffocation.

Gabe Pettito, boyfriend Brian Laundry’s confession in the diary: ‘I killed her’

Gabi Pettito, in the last few hours in her boyfriend’s diary

The girl was on vacation with her boyfriend Brian who made him lose track. The 23-year-old was only under investigation into the death of his girlfriend but the police did not arrive in time to hear from the boy, and Brian was found dead in November. He was shot in the head and next to him was a confession note: I was the one who killed herAnd so the case was closed. But now the lawyer for the Laundry family provides the Daily Mail pictures eight wet pages of the notebook in which Brian wrote details of the tragedy. He strangled his girlfriend because of “Unexpected tragedy In Grand Teton National Park where Gabby fell into a creek and injured herself on her trip last summer.

Gabe Pettito, Brian’s friend “eaten by crocodiles and wild boars”: the harrowing story of witnesses

Shocked documents

I wish to be by your side, wish to talk to you now. This is how the memory of those moments began. In heartbreaking sentences written in now-faint blue pens, Laundry claims that she struggled to try to comfort Gabe who was slouching in pain, crying and never stopping shivering from the constant cold. But in the end he killed her. I don’t know the extent of Gabe’s injuries, only that she was in so much pain. I ended his life. I thought he was merciful, and that’s what he wanted, but now I see all the wrongs I’ve done. I panicked. I was shocked. But from the moment I decided, I removed the pain from her

Gabe Pettito, Brian’s boyfriend, died: his remains were found in Florida. Maybe the truth is in a notebook

closeness to family

There is no indication how Landry apparently took care of Gabe before killing her. His notebook was found in a dry bag next to his body on October 20 last year after he fled to the alligator-infested Carlton Sanctuary near his home in North Port, Florida. I shot him in the head. In a desperate attempt to explain his version of events, he wrote: I’m sorry for my family, this is such a shock to them. Please don’t make it more difficult for them, it came as an unexpected tragedy.

Gabe Pettito strangled: After an autopsy, a 22-year-old girl is looking for her boyfriend Brian

what happened

The couple were in the national park after touring Utah on their drive west in a white Ford Transit in Gaby. They were documenting the trip on social media. Laundry writes in her notebook: I ran to our car, trying to get the steam through the stream before it got too dark to see, I heard a splash and a scream. I could hardly see, couldn’t find her for a moment, shouting her name. I found her barely breathing, wheezing, and she was so cold, we just got back from the hot national parks of Utah. The temperature dropped to freezing and soaked. I took her to the car as far as I could along the river, stumbling, exhausted from shock, when my instincts and I knew I could not carry her safely.. ” he continued, perplexed. I lit the fire and took it closest to the fire, it was very thin, and it had already froze for a long time. From where the fire started I had no idea where the car was. I just knew he was on the other side of the stream. When I got Gabe out of the water, she couldn’t tell me what hurt her. He had a small bump on his forehead that eventually increased in size. Her feet, her wrist aching. She was freezing and shivering while the carriage was constantly making sounds of pain

The story goes on in detail: She was lying down talking a little, was shivering, panting in pain, and begging for an end to her pain. I slept and woke her up fearing that if she had a concussion, falling asleep would be dangerous. I woke up but she got mad at me afterwards because the pain was sharing her. He did not let me try to cross the stream, he thought, like me, that the fire would be extinguished in his sleep.” That’s when he claimed he killed Gabi because he was Merciful.

Gabe Pettito, human remains found near her boyfriend’s belongings

He adds: I knew I couldn’t go on without her. I ran home to spend the time I left with my family. I wanted to drive north and let James OTJ kill me, but I didn’t want to spend time in jail for my fault, though I’m sure they would have liked it.

Because he decided to kill himself, Brian

And leave those blank pages with the ending description as well: I end my life not for fear of punishment, but because I cannot bear to live another day without it. We lost our entire future together, every moment we loved. I’m sorry for everyone’s loss. Please do not make life difficult for my family, they have lost a son and a daughter. The coolest girl in the world I’m sorry.

The description of those moments is in the diary of Gabe’s friend Brian Laundry, a notebook the FBI recovered when her body was found in Myakkahatchee Creek Ecological Park. I killed myself near this creek hoping animals would tear me apart to make some family members happy As an obvious afterthought, and in broader writing, it ends with the words: Please, collect all my things. Gabe hated people who throw trash

Gabi Pettito, arrest warrant for boyfriend Brian: ‘After his death he used a stolen credit card’

Dedication before death

Laundrie began the notebook with a personal letter to Gabby, writing: I wish to be by your side, wish to talk to you now. I will review each memory and get more for the future. But we lost our future. I can not be without you. I’ve lost all the days we spent together… I will never be able to play with you again. Don’t go for a walk with you. I can’t stand looking at our pictures, and I remember the good times because that’s why I can’t go on. When I close my eyes, I think I’m laughing on the roof of the truck. I will Always Love You

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