Isola, a former shipwreck who was attacked for being too thin, is spreading on social media

A former shipwreck from the fifteenth edition of Celebrity Island She breathed on social media, particularly through her Instagram stories. The reason is the constant attacks he receives on his body, which is considered very thin.

Former competitor ofIsland 15 he is Drusilla Gucci Which was eliminated during the eighth episode of Survivor Reality. We recently saw her again on TV, in fact she was often a guest on Show Bubba and Nerdy Because her boyfriend Francesco Schiofalo He was one of the puppets on the show Italy 1.

Drusilla She spoke on her social page about the shame of the body that she is exposed to because of her thinness:

Today guys, I want to talk about a serious problem that I hate, but I think is about many girls like me who have my own constitution. It’s a body disgrace that I hate. I find it ironic and appalling that in the modern age, which we are in fact in the modern Middle Ages, a person is judged by a small number on a scale and not by the contents it can possess, philosophical and political … not by number. I have to hear phrases from the series:But eat two spaghetti now and then! How skinny are you? But all! “

there Gucci He also explained that he suffers from thyroid disease:

But I say, has it ever occurred to you that maybe if a girl is so skinny it is because she has physical problems? For example, I have thyroid, so I will never gain weight and many other girls like me have this problem, so before I say eat two spaghetti try to cure your functional illiteracy.

Below is the video:

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