‘It’s been missing for weeks, but there are alternatives’

It’s an emergency ibuprofen In the Lazio. “It’s been missing for weeks,” says Eugenio Leopardi, president of Federfarma Lazio. with infections from Omicron 5 Which continues to increase (so far 6,692 cases) more and more people are looking for the recommended medicine for fever, muscle aches and headaches. The latest variants of Covid have milder symptoms than the initial form of the virus. An outcome could also be a result of the action of vaccines, as part of the science has pointed out. But Covid hides the risk of more serious problems. The interest in its prompt recognition and treatment remains high among all citizens.

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Because ibuprofen is missing

Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory medicine used to relieve headaches, nerve pain, menstrual cramps, and musculoskeletal pain (such as a stiff neck). Is it used for Omicron 5? “The doctor always chooses whether to prescribe ibuprofen or another drug, depending on the severity of the situation,” explains Eugenio Leopardi, president of Federfarma Lazio. “It certainly is used more often to take care of the latest Omicron variants.” But if you can’t find it at the pharmacy, there are alternatives.


“There are many medicines containing ibuprofen available in pharmacies.” Federfarma chief Lazio dampens the alarm bells that are sounding on social media, as several people have shouted out in the event of an emergency. Moment can also be used as an alternative to an anti-inflammatory drug because it is based on the same substance. Hence the same effect.

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