Jacobs runs a 100 by 10″ 12 race at Assoluti di Rieti

In Rieti, Ali, Torto and Bata were beaten in the final. The Olympic’s comeback was a bit rusty after 38 days of vacation and 21 days of the World Cup

Marcel Jacobs is back in racing after 38 days of absence and the response hasn’t been great. The Olympic champion, in Rieti, wins 100 absolutes for the fifth time in a row. But in a very fast conventional track, after 10″ 17 (+0.3 m/s) of tasting the battery, in the end it doesn’t exceed 10″ 12, even if the headwind is 0.9 m/s. Chitoro Ali is in constant growth (10″ 16), who seals it all the way and Filippo Tortu in turn is very indecisive, third with 10″ 24. The other Olympic champion in position, Lorenzo Bata, is fourth in 10″ 28.


Jacobs’ result does not make us think positively in light of the World Cup in Eugene in mid-July. The long hiatus from the left hamstring injury clearly made itself felt. Indeed, in both races, after reacting well to the shot, Marcel struggled to get started, and even the often irresistible launch is the best of days. The work is a bit wooden, cumbersome, as if it lacks grace. But the good news is that, in material terms, the problems were overcome: a Brescia policeman made a double commit in just over an hour, unaffected. “I need to compete – Marcel sighs a little dark -: the weather does not please me, but the sensations, especially in the final, were good. I’m not used to certain rhythms, I looked for the best setting and found it only partially. Plus the wind didn’t help. Must have I’m back to 100% pay, I’ll try it from Thursday in Stockholm.In the meantime I’ve honored the Italian championship again and this fifth success in a row makes me proud.After splitting at the last minute at last year’s meeting I owed it too to the wonderful Rieti fans The results of the US trials? Eugene is always fast… We are three weeks away from the World Cup. We’ll try to be ready.”

Curly Challenge

In the morning, the challenge came to the blue from Texas Fred Curley. The Olympic vice-champion dominated 100 U.S. Trials at 9″77 after stopping the semi-final time trial at 9″76 in Eugene, on the same track that will host the World Specialty Championships July 15-16. The challenge has been launched.

Diaz and Delval

While the success in the Women’s 100 goes to Zineb Dosso at 11″ 30 (+0.4) after 11″ 27 (+1.5) in battery, the technical sharpness of the day comes from the trio: Cuban (from Rome), pupil of Fabrizio Donato and Andrea Matarazzo, Based at the Viam Gial barracks in Castelporziano since December, they have been vying for the rankings, flying to 17.68, raising the new staff by three centimeters and worthy of the second best global performance of the season. In the aftermath, the Three Blue Musketeers did well: Andrea Dallaval touched down at 17.28, with 2022 ahead by three centimeters, fifth in the world and second in Europe, Tobia Bocchi at 16.86 and Emmanuel Emji at 16.81. They are quality measures. Buddies Hassan Fofana (13″ 45 / +0.8 in 110) and Elisa Di Lazzaro (13″ 01 / 0.0 in 100) did well on the high obstacles. The Yeman Crippa sprint is easy at 5000 (13’26” 11). Slightly dim, compared to the latest releases, Sarah Fantini’s hammer: 71.45. At the 400 battery is an impressive Alessandro Sibilio, capable of a 46″ 07 in total relaxation. Sunday, along with Gimbo Tamberi – who was forced to undergo an MRI due to worsening pain upon insertion of the upper left leg, the fatal lift – will be among the most anticipated.

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