Neri Parenti: “Political correctness is a witch hunt”

Parterre de rois in the eleventh edition of Troisi Marefestival AwardThe event took place in Salina, one of the Aeolian Islands, the natural scenography of the artist’s last film Massimo Troisi, “Postman”. Among the great artists, the heroes of the event, the “king” of Italian comedy: black relatives.

Six Fantasy, Two Fraccia, Sinipantone and other highly successful films: black relatives He collaborated with local comedy stars and his work is groundbreaking in some ways. Marefestival will dedicate an evening to his brilliant contribution to Italian comedy, awaiting his return to the set, two years after “On Vacation on Mars”.

The award is in memory of Massimo Troisi, another satisfaction …

“This is especially welcome, because as I was a friend of Massimo’s, we used to hang out even though we’d never worked together. Massimo and I, Roberto Benigni and Francesco Notti formed a well-matched quartet: we were more like the Four Horsemen (laughs, editor). It’s a great honor, too. Because it is not usual for me to have prizes, other than those for receipts or something. The award given to Massimo is a great satisfaction, because he was also one of the happiest interpreters of Italian comedy. Had he not met the bad ending he made in Such a young age, he would have created a deep gulf between the old and the new generation.”

Do you have a special memory of Troisy?

“There were some difficulties in communicating (laughs, editor). Massimo spoke gramlotte between Neapolitan and other languages, sometimes leaving unintelligible messages on the answering machine. I understood nothing of what he said, not even a word. Then fortunately he was Benigni is a wonderful translator.”

Salina location where the fantastic movie “Il Postino” that made the island famous in the world was shot…

“Today (yesterday, editor’s note) showed me around to see some of the places where the movie was shot, it was so beautiful, and exceptional.”

Do you have an idea for any project? Maybe “Christmas at Salina”…

Here is the problem with getting to the island. It’s a nice but tough place to shoot a movie. If I asked the production to make a movie in Salina, I would probably see some angry faces (laughs, editor).”

Artistic director Massimiliano Cavalieri defined it as the pearl of the modern history of our cinema…

“An idiot, more than a pearl… (laughs, editor)”.

However, Cavalieri’s words define his career well. What is its balance sheet?

“I can’t complain, sure. I made fifty films. I made the films I wanted to do, worked with many comedians, and got along well with them. The balance is definitely positive. Then you have to have big balls with criticism, but you get used to it” .

any regrets?

“I was born cinematic with ‘The Green Island Corsair’ and ‘Ivanhoe.’ It has always been my dream to make an adventure movie, which is practically impractical in Italy, both for the cost and for the actors. When I started making films around the world, I always tried to get into the This is also the reason why one of my favorite films is “Christmas on the Nile”: there I was able to immerse myself among animals, spiders, plane crashes…”.

A little less than five years have passed since the death of Paolo Villaggio, the irony of his story will be useful today…

“Villaggio was fantastic and today they are finally reevaluating it. He was the first to tell Italy about the staff and the staff in his own way. He created an original form of the story, a social mirror of that moment. Then over the years Fantozzi made all the colors. It’s an important part of my life, but also an important part of my life.” The life of movie lovers.

What do you think of this era of politically correct?

“It is a lot, a lot, a lot … there is a witch hunt. Certain words, even if they are contained in all vocabulary, can no longer be said. Certain minorities, ethnic and sexual, can no longer be represented, if they are not presented in a wholly politically correct manner. All this is bad for comedy and advertising: everything is the same! Unfortunately, this is also the case, due to the dominance of platforms, which want projects that respect certain rules: from #MeToo to transgender people, homosexuals should not be homosexual … will be They have some kind of moral code that needs to be respected and politically they want the right products.”

Absolute madness…

“Of course yes. Also because there is free will. Nobody puts a gun in the temple of the spectators to go see this particular movie in the hall.”

What are your future plans?

“I should make a movie in September, but this is a moment of great crisis for a certain type of cinema, one that cannot live without a decent box office. Many more films have been made than before, but they are small, all the same, two bedrooms and a kitchen.. And then there’s another important detail: The platforms need an international producer. The Italian comedy, with who speaks Milano and the one who speaks Romanian, cannot be sold all over the world. In fact, our films have survived on the national scene, and no one has actually seen them in Chiasso. Platforms are less interested in such products and they also have repositories full of similar feature films. Once upon a time there were windows, today there is a mare magnum: my films are on Prime Video, Amazon, Disney…”.

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