Paltrinieri went at 1500 sl at the World Swimming Championships in Budapest

Greg wins in Budapest and remains under the world record until the last rally. “The nineteenth century bothered me so much that I wanted to make up for it.”

By our correspondent Stefano Arcobelli

Lonely man in command, man of gold: Gregorio Baltrinieri makes a world masterpiece and shakes – never happened this time, for 1475 metres – the world record of Liang the Sun Chinese stopped in 2012. Greg goes away from lane 1, alone: ​​Fabrizio Antonelli Yells at him to go every step of the way. At 200 Greg it goes at 1’53” 71, at 400 it’s below the Sun Yang limit at 3’51” 04, at 600 it’s 27 cents, it rises to 800 at 1″ 26 at 7’44” 19. Its pace is deadly, At frequencies that are impossible for others. Increase the number to 100 at 1″ 96 by 9’41” 14.

Other opponents are confused, Willbrook remembers Romanchuk (who was defeated by Baltrinieri here in 2017) the real Greg well. The crowd ignites Donna Arena with passion, at 1200 Greg is 2″ 69 under the old record. Riding on a treadmill, Rossini’s step up, something cool, extraordinary. Greg only brought back one man: at 1300 he reached -2 ​​inches 79, the others fighting off Silver and Bronze, Greg is now with the stopwatch. At 1400 the bell is 2″ 81′ below. Space, on the rise: Greg flies effortlessly toward the world record, at 1450 he is 1″23, on the last lap resists the record in a manner Big but his European record of 14’32” 80 is exceptional. Sun Yang is rescued again with 14’31” 02:28″ 69 the last rally of the blue, who returns to the 16th century golden man where he triumphed at the time The last in 2017, and with the record also in the championships, he defeated American Bobby Fink from 14’36” 70 and defending champion German Florian Willbrook 14’36” 94.


“It’s a dream – Greg told Rai Sport – I knew I could win two golds in pool. The 800 went like that and it upset me so much that in this race I thought ‘I’m dying too.’ My friends told me I was quoted as being 26 And I took it. It was nice. These are the races I like to do. Sometimes they don’t come to me, I have a lot of meat on the fire these days: I wanted to show I was always here. There are people who wanted to take swabs after 800, but I’m fine and that’s why I disappointed My hope. I made a good demonstration. I do this because I love it and I enjoy it, because I wouldn’t change the racing euphoria for anything in the world.”


Only Australian Grant Hackett, godHe has more world titles than Greg (4). For Paltrinieri, it is his third world title after 2015 and 2017. At the Tokyo Games the blue was fourth and was fresh from fourth in the 800. Greg dominated the major as an unbeaten from 2014 to 2018. After European gold medal Debrecen 2012 and fifth Olympic position In the 1500s in London, for Greg he started a long string of medals of all kinds that propelled him to become the first undisputed king in the 30-pool, and then the king of the world in the 800 and European box tricampione, a discipline he fell in love with after the Olympic gold medal in Rio 2016 and for which he made the strongest change in 2020, during the pandemic, leaving the group coached by Stefano Moreni in favor of Fabrizio Antonelli. A year ago, Greg made a hard recovery for one month from mononucleosis: although he was not at the top, he managed to beat the Olympic silver medal in Tokyo in the 800 first in the five circuit program, and then the bronze in 10 km . An act of strength and courage (doubling down) to defy adversity. And now it starts again from Budapest, for the projected cycle towards the Paris Games where I will be nearly thirty years old. Greg isn’t full yet.

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