Paltrinieri wins gold in 1500, silver Pilato in 50 Frog, Bronze Ceccon in 50 backstroke, –

From Ariana Ravelli, sent to Budapest

The Giant Paltrinieri went in the 1500, close to the world record. Ceccon Bronze at 50 appeared after disqualifying American Reese who had set the best time. Silver Pilate at 50 frogs. mixed sequence

Don’t doubt Greg. destructive. The only man who can turn the 15th century as if it were a World Cup final. Chills pervaded, Piazza Donna went crazy, even non-Italians were cheering for him. After the disappointment of the eighties,in the sixteenth century Gregorio Paltrinieri He brings out all the fury in the world (“they bothered me,” he laughs now) and runs the race he promised: he qualified with the seventh-fastest time – and now turns out not by chance but by careful tactical arithmetic -, sitting at the side of the fairway, hoping to be taken lightly. , out of the grasp of opponents, German Willbrook and American Finky. and leave. It starts immediately and tries to adjust the speed. He knows very well that if he can play the sprint race, the others will have more. So he runs away right away: in the 800 he’s still in the lead, in the 1200 he stretches out and others don’t see him anymore: 14’32” 80, not far from the world record at 14’31” 02 and if you think there’s a new generation He advances in the middle distance, and he immediately repents: there is Greg and then there are the others, the second is American Finke (14’36”70) and the third is German Wellbrock (14’36’ 94).

“I was so disappointed that day, but I know I’m there. I wanted to show it, go fast and think I made it”, first words. “I love swimming and I wouldn’t do anything else, but when you lose, you wonder where I was wrong. Today I said to myself” Give everything, and I will die in the tank.” And again: “Perhaps someone thought you were finished. But I do not allow myself to be influenced by the judgments of others, only when doubts begin to come to my mind Is this a serious matter; so I asked myself, ‘But are not others stronger?’ ’ Then I thought about it for a moment and said, ‘No, I’m still the strongest.’ It just had to be proven.” The gold is all his, a miracle at heart, bravery, but also tactics. He studied after the disappointment in the 800 closed in fourth, cracking frame by frame in the room with coach Fabrizio Antonelli. “In the central corridors he felt chased by others, he did not feel comfortable,” he explains. So we were able to time and qualify in the heat with a time that allows us to stay in the side lane in the final.” From herring, straight to gold.

Silver Pilates

It’s wet silver with a bit of a disappointment About 50 frogs for Benedetta Pilato After the surprise gold medal in the 100: In the race where he holds the world record (29”30), Penny wanted at all costs to touch in front of everyone, instead closing behind Lithuanian avenger Meilutyte with a 29”80 who had left swimming for six Years amid Benny’s doubts (“A person who doesn’t swim for six years doesn’t come back and earn 29’7”). Still, don’t care, Benedetta knew she wasn’t in great shape (and yes, your period has something to do with it too), but she probably I expected it to be a better performance: “Yes, there is a bit of a disappointment, but actually I can’t complain, my worlds went gold and silver, I thought they’d come in the opposite direction, but that’s okay. Time doesn’t satisfy me but I knew the situation wasn’t perfect. what did I do wrong? Maybe a departure, I was a bit nervous even if I could have done it better than on other occasions.”

Bronze will be

Sharp World Cup: Thomas will be
He is the face of Budapest swimming, taking his third medal (second individual after gold with the world record in 100 backstrokes) in a race that wasn’t even his favourite, 50 backstroke and a yellow after: the elimination of American Reese who closed in on everyone else. “I never could swim well in the fifties because I didn’t have the right frequency, it was too high or it was too low. Now I have found a balance, I take water from the well and feel good even in the short term.” On the other hand, it is his moment Magical (yesterday he improved the Italian record twice at this distance) and everything comes easy to him. Not that this bronze came easy: Americans Reese and Armstrong looked unbeatable, the first already swam under 24 seconds and the second holds the world record in 23″ 71, And in third place Thomas also overtook the pole, which he put right behind him. Christo. But then, he re-stepped the cards. “Today I wasn’t as fluid as yesterday, as if I didn’t have this medal around my neck,” Ceccon comments in the heat, right after bronze in the 50 backstroke. “I don’t know what he did, maybe something when he arrived,” says Blue, who talks about the penalty received by American Reese. “There was tension, when you are in charge of the medal you tend to get nervous, but if I was fourth it would be two cents and I would have turned a bit. Sure, the fifties is not an Olympic distance, I like to do it and I am happy to do it, but it is a cup race. world and stop ».

Here is the program and results for the whole day

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