PlayStation Plus, Sony launches new coupons: they work differently

On Thursday 23 June, the new PlayStation Plus also arrived in Europe, so it was inevitably necessary to rebrand the vouchers that were also available until now at points of sale on Italian soil.

With several days after the launch of the new service (which includes the new levels of Essential, Extra, and Premium), Sony has stopped shipping old PlayStation Plus cards to stores or those with “time” 1 and 3 discounts and a 12-month subscription. You may still find some in some stores, but once they run out, they will never be replaced.

With the new service now activated, Sony has chosen Don’t unlock new coupons specific to each of the 3 plans (It would have taken at least nine, given the different duration of the subscriptions) and implement them instead Rebranding of PSN Credit Cards already in circulation-Add new discounts tailored to specific subscriptions. Now, for example, on you can find:

Other combinations of plan and term are covered by other PSN card denominations already on the market, such as €50 for three months Premium or €100 for twelve months of an additional card.

So, in short: these new coupons They do not automatically redeem select PlayStation Plus plansbut Add the necessary balance to your PSN wallet To redeem the required plan for the required period.

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