Re-infection with COVID-19 is 8.4%. Keep isolation from the positives – health

Cases of Covid-19 in Italy are still on the rise: in seven days it rises to 8.4% compared to 7.5% last week, with higher risks in the unvaccinated, women and in younger age groups. And the race for new Sars-CoV-2 positives continues even if the numbers don’t reflect the true infections. In fact, at this stage, which is characterized by a circulation of highly contagious variants, “there has been a sharp increase in unreported cases” due to underdiagnosis or “self-diagnosis,” says the Higher Institute of Health.

Case, however, says the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, that any revisions to the measures are “not on the agenda”. But it does put a stamp on the debate over isolating the positives. The head of the health department says the infected “should stay at home”. According to the Covid daily bulletin, the positives are currently rising to 703,479, an increase of 25,301 over the past 24 hours. Hence the challenge of individual responsibility and masks that “in some cases are still recommended,” says Speranza and which “should be used on all high-risk occasions.” While it is expected that masks will be used in workplaces in light of the June 30 deadline. A technical meeting is scheduled for Monday 27th between the Ministries of Labor and Health, and Enel, to assess the update of the anti-Covid protocol.

While the number of new infections during the past 24 hours, according to the bulletin of the Ministry of Health, reached 56,386 cases (yesterday 55,829 cases). 40 victims (yesterday 51), the death toll since the beginning of the epidemic has reached 168,058 deaths; A total of 258,456 smears, including antigens and molecular, were performed, with a positive rate of 21.8%, down from 23.4% yesterday. Intensive care was stable, while regular hospitalizations increased (+137). Infections are increasing, but, as the Undersecretary of Health, Pierpaolo Celeri, explains, “the wave will last a few weeks and then take off as it is already happening in other countries that it reached earlier.” The situation today is “totally different from last year,” says Celeri. We have nearly 50 million Italians who have completed a course of vaccination, of whom 40 million have received a third dose.

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