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Someone is already starting to grumble, and he’s given up on Foer, which seems to be back at the end of the year.

It looks like Drusilla and Almanac for the next season have been confirmed for next season. Program dedicated to Drusilla Foer, which is becoming increasingly beloved as a TV personality but is already in theaters, is a reinterpretation of an old success. The original version is precisely the next day’s calendar. Drusilla addresses issues that, according to her and her authors, deserve further study each night prior to Tg2. Of course this is not just a simple in-depth study, because there is always Drusilla Foer’s personal touch with her interpretations.

How is the program going? It airs on Rai Due in a not easy period of time. The average audience is 4.31% and the network appears to have set 4% as its target. More than getting a high stakes, the real purpose of Rai Due has been to draw audiences into a network that needs to be relaunched, and they do it in every way. The new season of Rai Network 2 will be full of news and among those there will be Drusilla’s back and calendar the next day.

TV Blog She revealed that Drusilla Foer is satisfactory and compelling above all else. But it must be said about this. Its results have been analyzed and interpreted, and the highest percentage of its evaluation is achieved among the public with a higher level of education and the same is true for socioeconomic class. In short, the experience seems to have paid off and that’s why Drusilla and next day calendar confirmed.

The time period should remain the same next season as well, so you will continue to lead Tg2. So Rai will have every intention of continuing with this reinterpretation in the Foer key: Drusilla will return and The Next Day Almanac will be on the air in December 2022. In fact, the new prize game The Box will be broadcast in the fall. About sixty episodes of The Box are planned, then Drusilla should return. These are the rumors today, but as always, everything could change in the coming months.

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