This apartment-like mobile home costs the same as a subcontract, and you can get it for vacation 2022

Is it really possible to turn an ordinary truck (which on the market, new, costs about 10 thousand euros) into a van? The question is interesting, and many experts in the sector have asked it.

We must start from the fact: campers are usually produced on the basis of some pickup truck. The Ducato, manufactured by Fiat, is one of the most common cars in our country, but there can be many other examples.

Converting a truck into an RV is simple if you are satisfied with just the bed. In these cases, it is sufficient to spend between one thousand and three thousand euros. Just the chassis, a new window, and a few other things. You can go on a trip safely. But there are also those who want a real camper, with a kitchen, a small living room and a wardrobe, for example.

Special Van Stroller

Some companies, thanks to technical means and the “know-how” of mechanics and experts, offer very effective “camping” services. And above all cheap. In some cases, you can have a complete mobile home for less than 25 thousand euros. In other cases less.

One such company, Van Specialty, turns old trucks, or newer vans or more, into beautiful and practical campers. Depending on the model, it is possible to have a double bed, wardrobe, kitchen, sink, stove and wall units to use as storage.

In addition to Van Specialty, there are many other companies that specialize in mobile homes, in this way the mobile home ceases to be a luxury item, and difficult to obtain if not with a drain. More or less money we will spend to buy a normal car is enough.

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