This is how Sonya reacted to the farewell …

In the past few hours, the farewell to Sarah Cross, nicknamed “Bonas” from Avanti un Altro, has been a source of news. Among those who commented on the publication of the cross is also Sonia Bruganelli …

As new, everyone already knows it Sarah Crossor Bonas del Minimondo for Forward post! It won’t be there from next year.

In order to let viewers and followers admire her character, the young model has posted on Instagram expressing her gratitude for the beautiful experience she had side by side. Paulo Bonolis He announces his departure from his program:

Sooner or later, this moment must come. My beautiful experience ends here. I like to make room for new things. The first ones who believed in me, immediately made me feel part of this family.

Immediately ready to comment on many followers as well as many colleagues in crossalso including Marco Salvati So is one of my authors Forward post!.

regarding Paulo BonolisHowever, the train conductor did not release any comments about him, not even on social networks. His wife did it instead, Sonia Bruganelli.

Sonia Bruganelli comments on Sarah Croce’s farewell

Paulo Bonolis: Here is Sonia's reaction to the farewell ...

Below his post Sarah Crosswhere it is now the former Bonas Forward post! He announces the fact that he is leaving the program, and a comment from the wife of the show host also appeared. Sonia Bruganelli Among other things it participates in work obligations Paulo Bonolis As a television producer and founder of the Scout Agency SDL2005. The agency is interested in recruiting characters and competitors for its broadcasts Bonolis.

So what do you think about that broganelli bye to cross? Apparently, a comment from a wife Bonolis It was somewhat “cold”. Sonia BruganelliUnder the former farewell to Bonas, Forward post! In fact, he simply commented:

Good luck and God bless you.

Cold approach according to those who tend to think bad but the message broganelli It can be a simple but sincere wish. There is not always a need to know what the papyri of emotion are and it is not possible to draw conclusions by reading a simple social commentary. Perhaps, even reading Bonas’ previous post, business relations closed in the best way and for the young woman there is only a bright future. Just like a fellow crossAnd the Claudia Ruggieri (aka Miss Claudia) who commented on the post telling Bonas ex that she deserves the best in life.

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