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Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn They’re ready: they could’ve been watched for weeks alignment At dawn, ideally diagonally. However, the best part is about to arrive because Mercury will soon become visible, in an alignment that reproduces the natural arrangement of the planets with respect to the Sun that has not been seen in 18 years. As already happened on June 16, tomorrow 25 will also be the best occasion to celebrate them.

The alignment of Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn has been visible for weeks, but only in June do the planets appear in order of their distance from the sun and Mercury is added to the four, notes astronomer Sandro Bardelli, of the National Institute of Technology. Astrophysics (INAF). He adds that this kind of alignment happens every 20 years or so.

There have been many amazing alignments in recent years: “In February 2016 and November of the same year, the planets were aligned and visible at dawn, but not in the order of their distance from the Sun, says astrophysicist Gianluca Massi. The hypothetical telescope project.” Only 2004, is it possible to find the same sequence, which reproduces the increasing distance from the Sun”.

It is a show that amateur astronomers from all over the world are preparing, as well as in Italy for some time, the diameter traced in the sky was observed by Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. “We now add Mercury, which is still very low on the horizon,” says Paolo Volpini, of the Union of Italian Amateur Astronomers (Uai). UAI notes that the first date to better observe the prognosis of the five planets will be June 16, when Mercury will be visible in the early morning, before sunrise. The planet will be at the maximum angular distance from the Sun, that is, at the maximum angle amplitude between the Sun and the planet, as seen from Earth. Observational conditions are also excellent on June 25, when Mercury will rise 1 hour and 13 minutes before the sun. “The advice to better appreciate the view – adds Volpini – is to use binoculars.”

And to make the show more interesting, Volpini goes on, the moon will take care of it: since the planets predict when they will rise, it’s also possible to note their associations with the moon. The first will be with Saturn, in the second part of the night between June 17 and 18, but from June 20 the moon dance will appear with the planets alive: on June 20 and 21 the moon will be near Jupiter as well as to Mars, at dawn on June 21 , Venus will be added, and there will also be a very low Mercury on the horizon; The Moon, Jupiter and Mars will still be close in the last hours of the night of June 22; The show will conclude, on June 26, the conjunction of the Moon with Venus and the Pleiades.

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