Worst way to lose a USB drive

Many people have happened to lose their wallet, forget their backpack on public transportation or just can’t find a USB stick anymore, and it’s one of those little things that can slip comfortably into any pocket and also easily get lost. The Japanese employee knows something about it, who lost a key containing the personal data of more than 460,000 people after spending a night out with colleagues, the total population of Amagasaki, in Hyogo Prefecture, in the northwest. Osaka.

Japan’s NHK TV said the man, who has not been identified, is in his forties and works for a company tasked with distributing economic benefits to low-income families in the region. According to the city authorities, on Tuesday he copied all the personal information of Amagasaki residents to the key before going out with his colleagues, and after an evening spent drinking, he fell asleep on the street, and woke up without his bag, and therefore also without a key. On Wednesday, the writer filed a complaint with the police, who a few hours later notified the local authorities of the loss.

Among the information uploaded to the key were the names, surnames, dates of birth and addresses of all 465,177 Amagasaki residents, but also tax information, bank details of their checking accounts and other data about their family members receiving statehood. Benefits, such as child support benefits.

And in a statement issued Thursday, the city authorities reprimanded the employee, explaining that he is not authorized to transfer sensitive data to other media, but made it clear that the information is encrypted and password-protected and that until then no one has tried to use it. .

Finally, on Friday, the local government announced that outside an apartment in the nearby city of Suita, where the employee went out for a drink with colleagues a few days earlier, two USB sticks containing personal information of local residents were found. Amagasaki (It was not clarified whether the keys lost by the employee are two). In any case, during a press conference, both the city’s mayor and other municipal officials apologized for the incident, saying they were sorry for the “grave danger to the confidence” of residents in the local administration.

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