“You will be the first to be bombed in the event of a third world war.”

London It will be the first strategic objective of Boy To be hit by Russian missiles in the event of the outbreak of World War III.” Every mother Andrei GorolevAnd the parliamentarian is sitting in the Moscow Defense Committee near put it in, On Russian state television worry Britain.

A Russian surface-to-air missile turns in a “U” shape and collides with the launching forces

Russia threatens Britain Who is Andrei Gorolev?

Andrey Gorolev is a State Duma politician and close ally of Vladimir Putin. The threat to Britain was released on the official Russian Channel 1. Gorolev said the only way to prevent the blockade was a Russian invasion of NATO countries, which could trigger the launch of Item V and possibly World War III. “We will destroy the entire enemy satellite group during the first air operation,” he said. Nobody will care if they are American or British, we will all consider them NATO. Second, we are going to degrade the entire missile defense system, everywhere and at 100%. Third, we certainly won’t start from Warsaw, Paris or Berlin. London will be the first to hit.”

Why clash with London?

The 54-year-old, who is a member of the Russian parliament’s defense committee, added: “It is very clear that the threat to the world comes from the Anglo-Saxons. As part of the process of destroying sensitive sites, Western Europe will be cut off. Power cuts and movement will be destroyed. All energy sites. And in the third stage, I will see what the United States will say to Western Europe to continue fighting in the cold, without food and electricity. I wonder how they will do that. United) Let’s stay on the sidelines. This is the general plan, and I deliberately leave some moments because they should not be discussed on TV.”

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