007 USA: Moscow could resort to atomic bombs or energy blackmail. Putin: “Finland and Sweden? We will respond if the troops are deployed”

After four months of conflict, He flies will take Years to restore Energy. And in that time frame an army Russian President Vladimir Putin Can ‘depend on other means such as I cafe attackI extortion of energy or the nuclear weapons To try to manage and project power and influence on a global level.” To say it is number one ofintelligence Uses, Avril Hainesspeaking at a conference  Department, Departments subordinate Business. According to the Director of the Federal Entity – which includes 17 agencies and organizations of the US federal government – at this point in the conflict, US intelligence agencies see three possible Scenarios.

In the first, most likely, file continue from war Little progress – without a real frontal penetration – by Russian forces. The second states that He flies be able to to prevail. And the third is thatUkraine Frontline stability by obtaining kids profits. Haynes explained that Putin’s priority now is “progress.” Donbass and the defeat of the Ukrainian forces, a process that, according to Moscow, will lead to the collapse of the internal resistance.” However, adds the director, the Russian forces “were so weakenedWhich seems “unlikely” that they will be able to achieve the goals announced by the Russian President.

The official Russian version is clearly the opposite. Putin on the occasion of his visit to Turkmenistan stated that “everybody Going according to planAccording to Russian news agency reports RIA Novosti. And about the “operation” in Ukraine, he continued, “Russia’s goals have not changed.” For the Kremlin leader, “the ultimate goal is Release subordinate Donbass and create conditions that guarantee safety for Russia itself. tactics To achieve this goal “they can be different”. The Russian president also talked about Turkey choosing to lift its veto upon its entry Sweden And the Finland in Boy. Do they want to join NATO? Let them do itPutin repeated – Quote by guardian – on Russian state television, emphasizing how “they should understand that there was no threat before, while now if I am military units Infrastructure will be deployed there Answer in Similar method And create equal threats to the regions from which the threats come to us.” He added that it would be inevitable that Moscow’s relations with Helsinki and Stockholm would strengthen as a result of their accession. “Everything went well between us, but there may be tensions now. Surely there will be: it is inevitable if there is a threat to us.

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