“A collegiate championship, Bewley did an exceptional job”

Waiting for the formal renewal of your contract, Frederic Massarain Rimini on the occasion of the opening of the transfer market, he took back the steps of the last season, the victory, from Milan: “The smartest intuition? It is not a matter of intuition. It is Work culture, enthusiasm and consensusa team that builds the team and a coach that enables players to grow, something that has been done excellently Pegs. he is one The Scudetto has arrived en masseThere were moments of difficulty but everyone was involved and each gave something, even those who played a few. Everyone has put a stamp: I’m thinking tough tatarosanoGoal Daniel Maldini In La Spezia, recovery Rebek target of Tonali in the Olympics. That’s thanks to Pioli, he did a great job and thanked all AC Milan fans for him.”

then farewell Donnarumma And the choice Minyan: “It was a delicate stage but not in reference to Donnarumma, a great hero. When the new ownership arrived there was a strategy aimed at rearranging the economic situation, we had to restore competitiveness without forgetting about sustainability. We have to make difficult and sensitive choices but We are delighted to find an exceptional goalkeeper who will make Milan history.”

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