Amazon is bringing your Prime subscription back, but hurry up – here’s what to do

markAmazon Prime Daythe e-commerce giant is ready to give a gift to Some lucky customers. In fact, who decides to require annual subscription to the services president By July 11, 2022, you will be able to get a file full refund of the cost incurred, ie 36 euros. After registration, the platform will send to you 6 vouchers of €6 eachwhich you can use when purchasing products sold and shipped by Amazon.

However, not all customers will be entitled to participate in this interesting promotion, as stated. indeed it is Limited For the first 1500 customers and it will continue anyway no later than July 11, 2022. Check your email now and see if you are one of the lucky ones who have been chosen for this great promotion.

Amazon refunds your subscription to Prime services

An interesting activity for sure, which will allow you to take advantage of all the premium services of the American giant, as well as get a full refund of the costAnnual subscription. Get a subscription In Prime it is easy and has many Benefitssuch as 1 business day deliveries for all products with formulation Amazon Prime And free in two hours with Amazon Prime Now.

And more: Free access to the Amazon Prime Video catalog, Prime Reading e-book service, unlimited photo archives with Prime Photo, and more. There are two options to subscribe to Amazon Prime: monthly with a charge 3.99 € per month per year, at a cost of 36 € per year.

Money that, if you are among the chosen, they can Take advantage of this promotion AmazonThen it will be returned to you. But you have to be very fast. Find out all the details and sign up for Prime Services now to start receiving your weekly coupons (total 6 from 6 euros each). The promo, we repeat, is reserved for 1,500 customers in total.

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