Bitcoin is back below $20,000 after the bankruptcy of Three Arrows, a fund specializing in digital assets

Bitcoin is dropping again Below the threshold of 20 thousand dollar. Between noticeable and usual intraday fluctuations, the most popular cryptocurrencies lose about 1%. flexes ether (- 4%). Cryptocurrency day affected by hedge fund news three equity shares, Coin and digital asset specialist in the filter By a court in the British Virgin Islands, where it was based. For several days, the fund was seriously suffering. The court appointed two partners in the consulting firm Teneo to manage the liquidation of the fund. Cryptocurrency brokers are among the most exposed to hedge funds voyager digital which has credits for 675 million dollar. Bitcoin has been on the decline since the beginning of the year 58% Its value has fallen to less than a third of the $70,000 it registered last November.

The turmoil in this sector was followed by the start of monetary policy tightening by the Federal Reserve, the US central bank, which amplified the decline in stock prices that seemed to be largely related to it, denying its nature as an alternative and defensive investment in relation to the stock. exchanges. The cryptocurrency market was worth it 3 trillion dollars Less than a year ago, today it’s about a trillion. The decline intensified after the “failure” of the Earth-Moon currency’s “stable algorithm”. In theory, the structure of this cryptocurrency should have ensured parity with the dollar, but this was not the case.

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