black Crow: "With Di Maria, he strengthened Juventus a lot. Buy a new church. Vlahovic or Lukaku? … – all Juventus

  1. Corvino: Juventus is getting stronger with Di Maria. The church is a new contract. Vlahovic or Lukaku? …all juventus
  2. Lecce, Corvino: “We do clever operations. On Vlahovic …”® Fantacalcio
  3. Corvino: “It seems calm, but soon Napoli will wake up in the transfer market”All Naples
  4. Corvino: Maldini and Massara? Everything will be fixed. In the market …”Planet Milan
  5. Lecce in Colombo, Corvino: “We need a team at the top and there is a lot to do, both in entry and in…Milan news
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