Bremer is waiting to sell Skriniar, but there is confidence

Aslani, he entered into fate. He will have the number 14
“Fate begins to publish the clues. The first, the most obvious: the date of birth, March 9, just like Inter Milan. Then the 2020/2021 Spring Championship: Empoli won the Youth Championship and does so by eliminating them in the semi-finals of Inter, thanks also to a goal by Aslani who Then it was repeated in the final by winning the youth flag. This is how Inter Aslani presents. “Birth date, matches with Primavera, assists, goals. Now the coach of Aslani and Inter has united. Cristian has become the second Albanian player in the history of Inter, after Manag. He has already made his debut for the Albanian national team .. He was born with the ball between his feet, and he will continue to pamper him carefully Ultra, dressed in our shirt. Welcome Christian!”. It will have the number 14.

LUKAKU ASLLANI presents: “I love his mentality”
Romelu Lukaku introduced Aslani to the Inter world in a video posted by the Nerazzurri club on Twitter, in which the Belgian speaks with President Stephen Zhang: “I spoke to Aslani, I like his mentality. He is 20 years old but he speaks like a 26/27-year-old boy”, In the words of the Belgian striker, who met yesterday with his new partner during medical examinations.

Officially black and blue original

Christian Aslani is an official Inter player. “Empoli Football Club announced that it has reached an agreement with Inter for a temporary sale with the obligation to recover the right to sports services for the player Cristian Aslani,” a statement from Tuscany said. Soon, a note from Inter also arrived.

Napoli thinks of Korea

Joaquin Correa could be the man Inter sacrificed in an attack. On the Argentine striker there is the interest of Napoli which, however, does not want to spend the 30 million euros that Marotta requested. Parties will be updated to find a solution.

Cuadrado to Dzeko, Marotta says no
The idea of ​​the transfer market that would have brought Cuadrado to Inter and Dzeko to Juventus (they both have the same agent) would have faded: according to Corriere della Sera, there was an agreement from Allegri but Marotta said no, the Colombian is not. Part of the Nerazzurri’s plans.

Meet Bremer in the coming hours
Inter would be in a hurry to close the Skriniar deal, but PSG want to announce the new coach first and solve the Neymar problem. Meanwhile, according to Tuttosport, there should be a match for Bremer that day, and he is chosen as the Slovakian’s replacement. There will be an agreement with the player, while Torino has not yet given their approval for the sale and, taking advantage of the stalemate, is expecting special offers from abroad because the defender is unlikely to go to Juventus, interested in him with Juve. Milan.

Dalbert, nice premise
Dalbert returned from a loan to Cagliari in search of housing. He can be found in Nice, after coach Favre made his name for a comeback. The French club’s management, eprò, looks less convinced and Inter is waiting.

Aslani signed, and only the officials missed
Christian Aslani is a new Inter player: only the official status is missing. The midfielder, born in 2002, has just left the office at Viale della Liberation after signing the contract that will commit him to the Nerazzurri. Albani arrives from Empoli on loan with a conditional redemption obligation: 4 million for the loan, 10 to redeem and 4 million as a bonus. In addition to Tuscany loaned striker Martin Satriano.

SENSI accepted the offer from MONZA
All practically for the transfer of Stefano Sensi to Monza. according to Sky Sports The midfielder has accepted Brianza’s proposal and will land at Stadio Galliani and Berlusconi on loan. The agreement between the two clubs has already been found in recent days.

Esposito Esposito: “Lukaku is loaded. Underlect? Some things are still missing”
Leaving Coni after handling papers as part of his impending move to Anderlecht, Sebastiano Esposito had the opportunity to chat with Romelu Lukaku in the same office. “I was surprised, I didn’t think I’d meet him. We talked for half an hour and I got so excited,” Esposito told the press about the conversation with Big Room. And about Anderlecht: “Let’s see, it’s still early days and things are missing. But I’m always ready to have fun, that’s football.”

Sebastian also featured in CONI: Everything is ready for Underlet
Sebastiano Esposito, who is about to leave Italy to marry in Belgium in Anderlecht, is also in Cone in Milan to get fit and athletic. The striker has the chance to hug his friend and mentor Lukaku once more.

The tour of visits concluded: For Aslani, it is time to sign
After completing visits to sports fitness in Coni, Kristjan Asllani greeted the out-of-office crowds on Via Piranesi. Several choirs for him too: “I’m glad to be here, come to Inter”

Next Monday the medical examinations for Blanova
Raul Bellanova will also be an official Inter player soon: medical tests for the blue winger, who will arrive from Cagliari on loan with a refund, are scheduled for next Monday.

Aslani completed human visits
The conclusion of the first part of the medical examinations of Kristjan Aslani. The midfielder is now expected in Kone for his athletic fit. After signing at Inter headquarters.

Not only Lukaku: medical checks and autographs are also for my originals
An important day, today, at Inter. In addition to Romelu Lukaku, Cristian Aslani, a young midfielder taken from Empoli, is preparing to officially become a player for the Nerazzurri. For Albanian talents, medical visits to the Humanitas of Rozzano are scheduled in the morning and a fitness visit to Coni in preparation for the signing of the contract that will arrive in the afternoon at the headquarters of the Viale della Liberazione.

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