Bremer, today I meet with Inter Torino: Marotta is speeding up, a new proposal is ready

The Brazilian defender already has a preliminary agreement with the Nerazzurri administration: finding a solution to convince Cairo

Inter’s entry market doesn’t stop: The Nerazzurri management’s next target is Torino defender Gleason Bremer, who has been engaged to Inter for months. according to TuttosportToday may be the time for a meeting between the two parties:Today is a very important day for Bremer’s future. In fact, a meeting has been scheduled between Toro and Inter, a date set last week. After completing Operation Lukaku, Beppe Marotta will try to pinpoint the operation on the Brazilian Simone Inzaghi wants at any cost. Nerazzurri’s CEO already has an agreement in principle with the player but that’s not enough, given that the one who has Toro is missing. And Urbano Cairo intends to generate as much income as possible, since we are talking about one of the most powerful power plants in Europe with the inevitability of many fans“.

Grenade boss, right-hand man David Fagnati, starts off with a demand of 50 million given the prices being traded for the strongest defenders. Just think about the release clause of Juventus de Ligt (120 million) and that Chelsea are trying to lower him to London. But the Brazilian player, when renewed for another season with the grenade, put some risks. If an offer does not reach everyone’s satisfaction, the first bomb will have to settle for 25 million and if there are problems even on this number Bremer will be able to free himself in January for 15 years. Because it is not suitable for anyone, but in the meantime, the Brazilian and his entourage have taken precautions. Precisely for this reason, grenades leave the door open for other clubs, even knowing that the player’s preferences are for Inter. Vagnati is sure that if an important offer arrives from Chelsea, Tottenham or Juventus, the player will not object. He himself admitted in an interview published by Brazil that there are many possibilities and does not rule out travel abroad“.

Today there could be an acceleration from Inter. It starts from a base of 20-25 million. Marotta will try to introduce some technical compensation: perhaps a loan to young Cassady, pure talent, an item that Inter do not intend to lose in the future. For this reason, an operation like Milan’s with Pobega is assumed, and Juric deeply appreciates it. And it seems even more difficult for Federico Dimarco to include in the speech, which the Croatian coach had delivered and evaluated in Verona. The player loves him, but it is clear that he will not accept leaving the Nerazzurri even if he is not sure of a permanent position.“.

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