Cesar Cremonini and Martina Marguerite Maggiore split up, talking about hoops on Instagram

The gossip of the past few weeks has been talking about an alleged split between Cesare Cremonini and Martina Marguerite Maggiore: although neither of the two has confirmed or denied the indiscretion, some clues can speak of them. She added an IG story about trumpets.

You will see unconfirmed chatter Cesare Cremonini and Martina Marguerite Maggiore long gone. The “Young Man and the Stupid”, to whom he dedicated the song, did not attend the artist’s concerts and is no longer among his followers on Instagram. It was Dagospeia who launched the breakup stray after about four years together: “The two would irreparably say the end of their bond.” We read. Although neither of them denied or confirmed, a story that the young woman posted on Instagram a few minutes ago could indicate the rumors that have been circulating in recent weeks.

Did Martina Margaret Maggiore break silence with a story?

Martina Margaret Maggiore, at the center of Italian rumors over her alleged split from Cesare Cremonini, has posted an IG story that could confirm the rumors circulating. He depicted a wall with horns, then a text accompanied by two symbols: Horns are like shoes, everyone in life has at least one pair. In the past few days on the internet, there’s also been talk of watching a Bolognese artist have dinner with another woman. The clues could speak for themselves but neither of them have denied or confirmed the rumors about them so far.

The story of Cesare Cremonini and Martina Marguerite Maggiore

In October 2019, the first photo of the couple on social networking sites, and then the song “Young and Dumb” was dedicated to her. Always very conservative, Cesare Cremonini decided to tell us about his new love story with the 25-year-old from Riccione. He posted several Instagram photos with her which also followed him up on one evening of the latest release of Sanremo where he took on the role of super guest. Rumors have been swirling for a few weeks now about the two of them separating, and although both have decided to keep quiet, the reported clues can speak on their behalf.

Cesare Cremonini: “Music demands truth. What does it mean to be a musician? There is no escape.”

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