China vs NATO: ‘It is a systematic challenge to peace and stability’

“NATO is the systemic challenge to world peace and stability.” he answered like this Beijing diplomatic spokesman Zhao LijianThe NATO leaders who met yesterday in Madrid agreed on the alliance’s new strategic concept. According to statements by Dragon’s State Department, he accused NATO of “claiming to be a defensive and territorial organization”, but “Wars everywhere are killing innocent civilians“.

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He insisted that the new strategic concept “ignoring the facts” and “corrupting China’s foreign policy”, with “irresponsible” claims about the “normal military development” and defense policy of the Asian giant. “Boost confrontation,” he said again, repeating accusations of “Cold War mentality” and “ideological bias.” and “to extend sensors to the Asia-Pacific region.”

NATO “is not an alliance against China, it is an alliance for peace and collective defense in the Euro-Atlantic geographical space. But we must take into account on the one hand the systemic challenges posed by the growth of Chinese power” in the Pacific region and “on the other hand, the discord against the order international partnership that comes from the partnership between China and Russia. This is the strategic concept that we have adopted” in NATO, in the meantime the French President stressed Emmanuel Macronat a press conference at the conclusion of the NATO summit in Madrid.

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