Cory Barlog is so exciting for Starfield, he’s taking some vacations to play with –

Nice digression by Cory Barlog Featured in a discussion about God of War: Ragnarok and starfieldwhich if nothing else demonstrates once again the fantastic fair play of the Sony Santa Monica director, who stated that he was very emotional about Starfield and wanted to Take a vacation to play with her Quietly, when it becomes available.

The director of God of War, who we remember, did not do the same for God of War: Ragnarok, being committed to a completely new and still unknown project, made it clear that Starfield is one of the games awaiting more than ever, and how he intends to play intensely with Take a break from work as soon as you put it on the market.

Besides the beautiful curtain, Barlog’s intervention also had the function of breaking a ridiculous war between God of War and Starfield that began with a tweet from a fairly well-known account to feed console waralso known as the red dragon.

The response of the game designer from Santa Monica was very diplomatic, but it serves above all to show how vitriolic discourses of this kind arise among fans and have absolutely nothing to do with developers, who, in turn, appreciate the work of others without special adaptation. Even if they belong to the competition. On the other hand, the same Barlog is used for versions of this type, as when he published a post marking the purchase of an Xbox Series X to play Halo Infinite.

In the meantime, the series also continues to announce the release date of God of War: Ragnarok, another topic it has found itself heavily involved in on social media these days.

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