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From Ariana Ravelli

Lazzurro: “I have to be honest: since the beginning of the year we thought we could do it, but now I feel like I’m living a dream, I feel like I’m in heaven”

Italy is a strong center for swimming at all distances
From speed in the pool to the open water Cayman marathon, the Azzurri at the World Championships in Budapest are always there, among the best. He succeeds in everything, including winning the 25 km race by defeating the favorite. The author of the project is Dario Ferrani, 27 years old, from Cecina,
He graduated in economics, and it was he who finished the trip with great fanfare: he took gold in the longest race, the 25-kilometre swim in the waters of Lake Loba, where yesterday Gregorio Baltrinieri won the gold in 10 (with Domenico Acerenza silver).

Verani, like Acerenza, is another magical circle He trains with Greg under the supervision of Fabrizio Antonelli And last year at the European Championships, swimming in these same waters, he won the bronze medal in 5 km (with Greg always gold): today with a time of 5h02’21 “50 you overtake Frenchman Axel Reymond (5h02’22” 70), one of the candidates, who always leads the race for 24.5 kilometers. But at the last cone, Dario puts the winning hit: he starts in a rocket, passes the Frenchman at double speed and beats him by 1`2. Bronze medalist for Hungarian Petr Galic at 5h02’35” 40. 7th place last Matteo Forlan Blue at 5h02’53” 8.

Dario is accustomed to working hard: until a few years ago he was an honest swimmer in the Lynn Cup or the World Cup, and now he is the number one in the world. His screams as he emerges from the water is a kind of liberation: “This sweat is testing you both physically and morally. I have a sense of lightness and this medal is liberating.” He and Antonelli have always believed in us: “With my coach since the beginning of the year, we have this performance in mind. I crossed the moon because the race I wanted to do was out. I stayed at the feet of my favorite Frenchman and knew I had something more in the last hundred metres – Dario’s first words -. I wasn’t satisfied, once I got there, I had to take advantage of that: it really is a dream. Few are those who believed in me, and I believed in him and we succeeded. I dedicate this medal to my family, to the Army Sports Center, a Francesca, To all the people who made this dream possible. There is also a lot of anger, joy and suffering in the medal.”

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