Elisa de Paneques with nothing in the water: a blazing vision

Summer is getting hotter thanks to the shots of Elisa de Paneques, more and more followers and explosives on social networks. The latest gallery frightens the community that proves its appreciation for the shots.

A fast-growing career and a beauty that propels Elisa de Baneques with great strides towards success.

Elisa de Baneques (Instagram) (9)

The wonderful showgirl found success in Spain thanks to a series of programs that made her famous and made her appreciated. Then back to Italy, with the adventures of Big Brother but also the important TV salons. What led to Pretty Woman’s sequel though is A resounding boom on social networksdriven not only by crazy pictures, but also by a number of projects that have been introduced recently.

In fact, De Panicis released one song that predates her episode, and the video’s heroine is she. Between the great looks, wild dances, and explosive body, the influencer has shown that she knows how to do it. The result is in fact clearly visible in the footage and videos posted, many of which have turned into a real boom in reactions from followers.

Her talent is indisputable, and the desire to establish herself in the world of entertainment makes her a volcano of ideas, but what is certainly surprising is that she CharmPlus, an amazing body that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Elisa de Paneques: A hot picture at sea

Elisa de Baneques (Instagram) (10)
Elisa de Baneques (Instagram)

So it doesn’t take much to elicit the reactions of followers who have reached a large number. There are nearly a million and a half fans following her on her Instagram page, who interact in the dream image container by testifying to her affection and appreciation for the strides she took in her career.

Hearts, like, comments are greatly appreciated. After all, due to the undeniable charm and some published footage, in which the wonderful influencer shows something more, the boom was a natural result. In the last exhibition De Panekes actually hinted at something moreAnd the reactions in the comments multiplied in a few minutes.

Especially for the costume that was photographed at sea. Figures show off powerfully, a bikini enhances a well-kept physique, and a charming and sensual face does the rest. From the stories also come other videos that conquer everyone. Try to take a look. You will be amazed by the crazy charm and beauty that overwhelms everyone.

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