Esselunga’s new “mini” restaurant in Milan (where you can also eat)

The market has more than 4 thousand products. Café for lunch, appetizers and breakfasts. And last but not least, the pastry corner. On Thursday, at Largo Augusto 8 in Milan, “laEsse”, the Esselunga neighborhood store, opened in a “small” shape compared to the company’s classic supermarkets.

The eighth restaurant of this type “is spread over three floors, covering a sales area of ​​about 400 square meters and also housing a café with kitchen for breakfasts, lunch breaks and appetizers, with more than 150 seats and co-working spaces,” a note from the group reads. The market offers more than 4,000 references, a selection of Esselunga’s best offerings with the usual attention to convenience: fruits and vegetables, bulk and packaged, bread and desserts, fresh meat and fish, sushi, prepared daily according to Japanese tradition, dairy products, cured meats, canned food, frozen food, ice Cream, wine, drinks, home care products, personal care and animal friends. The assortment is able to satisfy the need for complete shopping “, a guarantee from Esselunga.

And again: “The cafeteria offers hot and cold dishes, fresh specialty dishes, and Elisenda’s desserts, a refined Esselunga that combines the highest quality ingredients, craftsmanship and creativity by pastry chefs, created in collaboration with the distinguished chefs, the Cerea brothers.” The market will be open from Monday to Saturday from 7 to 21, on Sundays from 8 to 20.

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