Find this coin and earn €100,000: “Crazy”. Photo

Find this coin and earn €100,000: it doesn’t seem possible to do it, but collecting coins also offers incredible earning possibilities. Indeed, it is very rare for a single coin to be worth a lot of money, but some practically unobtainable samples can bring their owners wealth.

And it all seems even more amazing if the coin in question is in fact a specific example of a coin that, in its most common version, has been shot in our pockets for years, if not even decades. Obviously we are talking about a very special and practically unobtainable coin, but you will probably be surprised to know that it is 100 lira!

Find this coin and earn 100,000 euros

You are probably now curious to know the value of these 100 lira, which is worth 100,000 euros! This is the beta version of the 100 Lire Minerva, one of the coins that later became more popular in the period when the lira was used with certain inflation, from the beginning of the economic boom to the second half of the 1980s and 1990s. . Just to remind the most forgetful, 100 Lire Minerva sees the goddess standing beside a small olive tree, holding a bough in her right arm, while holding a spear in her left hand.

The 100 Lire Minerva test dates back to 1954 (the year Rai was born too, curiously). Compared to the classic version, the trial version has exactly this formula in the lower right corner of the verse where the Goddess of Wisdom is. In addition to these details, the millennium of the year of production, 1954, present in this sample is also characteristic. Its rarity is due to the fact that the mint never agreed to put this coin into circulation.

The final version of the coins reached the market directly and the demo versions were never freely circulated. So the coin remained very rare and soon became unavailable, which justifies its value today.

100 Lira 1954 Proof: Number and Value

The 1954 100 Lire Minerva test contains one of the rarest indicators among coins: we are talking about the R3 grade, the sixth internationally and which provides eight grades, which means that the coin is very rare. The other problem with this coin is the fact that there are no historical sources that indicate the exact number of examples that exist. Those whose status is known are considered.

For the coin to be of real value, it must have been kept in the optimum condition, which is referred to as the “uncirculated exquisite”, and this is practically the same at the time of the inscription. A test of 100 lira Minerva from 1954 in the state of Fior de Cuneo is sure to be worth the €100,000.

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