From “La mole” to “Emigratis”, here’s all the news

Piero Ciampretti

Returns to peak viewership on Canale 5″

so talented me

“About the world of children, but it won’t be a reality show. While sports are being broadcast”


‘Close their doors’

the pressure

“Squeeze” also Monday evening. double date with

Big Brother VIP”


Alfonso Signorini

And the “

Celebrity Island

Important news has been added:

the mole

In ‘Modern Edition’, it will be produced by Fascino again in prime time for Canale 5 even if the host hasn’t yet been thought: ‘But he will be the face of Mediaset.

Bio and audio

Double. behind “

happy evening

“, expected in the spring after the success of the first season, the comedians have been promoted on Canal 5 in prime time with”


“, three episodes. Also in Canale 5 in 30 years of”

Never say goals

We’re working on next spring with specials designed with


. somewhat similar to what was done


‘, with management

Claudio Pesio

And the

Vanessa Incontrada


Maria de Filippi

He appeared with “Men and Women”, “Tu si que vales”, “There is mail for you” and “Friends”. Absolute novelty Mnetre is the arrival

Orita Berti


event evenings

To celebrate the singer’s extraordinary career as it was with Iva Zanicchi. “I also confirm a rumor circulating these days, that Orita Berti will be one of the

opinion makers


Big Brother VIP

‘, with Pier Silvio Berlusconi underlined.

Barbara Dorso

still on top

Five in the afternoon

‘: We are working on daytime containers, realizing that tastes have changed, stressing current events and less on show. Change has happened and the results speak for themselves. Barbara Dorso is a professional lady, we have renewed the contract for the upcoming seasons and it will stay until 5 pm, at the moment there are no other projects but we will find the right program because he has a unique experience “”. while taking a rest”

Bubba and Nerdy Show.

The duo has also been confirmed in the day for Canale 5.”

morning 5


Francesco Vicki

And the

Federica Panicucci

. The latter will replace Nicolas Savino in “

Back to school

“. Certain”


Written by Barbara Palumbelli.

duplicate of “

Michelle is impossible

“This time, Michelle Hunziker will celebrate the careers of three personalities from the worlds of television, film and sports. Enrico Papi remains at the helm.”

Jokes aside

“, a new version of”

View logs

‘, certainly with demeanor

Jerry Scotty

which returns with

free fall


Tu si que vales

” And the “

stripping news

Back in prime time from

Paulo Bonolis

with “

Hi Darwin

It aired on Friday evening.

The winning team does not change: on the weekend, after the success of last season, they return on Sunday afternoon.”

Maria de Filippi’s friends

” And the “

very right


Silvia Tovanen

is also broadcast on Saturday afternoon, always preceded by “

Scenes from a wedding


Anna Tatangelo


on me

Italy 1



You will have a weekly appointment from October to June and he will always be on top of the company

Teo Mamukari and Belen Rodriguez

. The specials will be broadcast on Sunday evening with a new title “


Wednesday evening Italia1 will be.

on the stage

“With comedy shows. Also in Italia 1, comes a brand new reality show:”

my mother and my father

Back confirmed.


With Roberto Giacobpo

And there are still many new fantasies: starting with “

Lilac like the sea

“With Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman. The drama also arrives at Canale 5”


Six evenings with Claudio Amendola, Antonia Liskova, Giulia Bevilacqua and Primo Reggiani;

twin Spirit

Four Evenings with Daniele Leuti, the thriller Milo.

The girl from Corleone

Four Evenings with Rosa Deletta Rossi, Fortunato Carlino, Alessandro Villa and the biographer


Three evenings with Julia de Nunez, Josep Maggio and Valentina Romani.

in the end


. All prime time conversations will return:”

white area


out of the core


Fourth Republic


face and back



and ‘Italy tonight’ and ‘and’

fourth degree


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