Gas crisis overwhelms Uniper, Gazprom cancels coupon and crashes in the stock market

serviceSave the German company

The German company has acquired only 40% of Russian gas since mid-June and has to compensate for (expensive) purchases in the market. Now he issues a profit warning and asks for help from the state, which can enter as a shareholder: as he did with Lufthansa

by Sissy Bellomo

The gas crisis is intensifying, putting at risk companies that import from Russia, but also Gazprom itself, which canceled the payment of dividends for the year 2021: a decision unprecedented in a quarter of a century, justified by the increase in taxes and the need for financing at home, causing it to lose nearly 30 % of its value on the Moscow Stock Exchange.

However, the loudest sound rang out at the same time in Germany, where Uniper – the largest customer of …

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